The Future Of Energy Storage Beyond Lithium Ion

Over the past decade, prices for solar panels and wind farms have reached all-time lows. However, the price for lithium ion batteries, the leading energy storage technology, has remained too high. So researchers are exploring other alternatives, including flow batteries, thermal batteries, and gravity-based systems.

CORRECTION (March 14, 2020): At 12:53 we incorrectly identify the size of the energy storage market. Overall, the energy storage market is predicted to attract $620 billion dollars in investments by 2040.

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The Future Of Energy Storage Beyond Lithium Ion





  • The only safe mass storage battery is Vanadium flow battery. No thermal runaway as is made mainly of water so can't catch fire or blow up unlike lithium. 100% recyclable and last for 25 years plus and don't degrade. Safety is going to be an issue with lithium batteries. No one will put them near any city

  • ..sitting close to the equator is warm and good – thermal n solar can stretch so much more…but what happens to all the oil $, might loose a bit of its charm indeed

  • 9:27. That is an ingenious way of storing power, cool.

  • Using solar or wind to pump water up hill for a hydro electric system is the most logical & most effective system . But it is essentially a gravity generator. You can lift anything with a motor. Even a heavy weight.

  • Folks, this is propaganda, there exists far superior sources and technology for energy, flight, health, food transport, education, etc…than allowed to be known. Its focus is greed rather than the greatest good, which we must change!

  • Energy is the basic requirement for all productivity.

  • We must build a nation with good education ,good health,good ethicks,and ethical working in all fields.ours is a country has different culture,different working environment ment with ethicks.but now we have lost all and running behind money.thats the problem.we have to rebuilt it without any short cuts.

  • Wat de kinderlijke fantasie van 'waterstof in poedervorm' (het wasmiddel Natriumboorhydride) van h2-fuel opbrengt: Een subsidie van € 3.400.000. Namelijk voor het produceren van een boot op 'groene waterstof' voor het havenbedrijf Amsterdam. @t. TU-Delft heeft H2-fuel gevraagd haar site aan te passen "om geen ongefundeerde verwachtingen te scheppen" (waaronder dus een waterstofelektriciteitscentrale die haar eigen brandstof (waterstof) produceert). Aanpassing is niet gebeurd en ze hebben zogenaamd niet door dat ze opgelicht worden.

  • But they need to generate energy with permanent magnet generators. A permanent magnet puts offquantum radiation that has extreme amounts of energy. That can move things create rotation and you've got yourself electricity.

  • Im make my own hydrogen now , thanks 💵

  • Why they use concrete blocks and cranes and not just build a water tower instead? I mean the difference in density is only triple. Is anyone using water towers for this purpose? I mean pumping it full during daytime and running a turbine at nights and cloudy days? I guess if there's some industries on the area that needs clean water in their processes but it doesn't need to come with high pressure then with little planning you could use water tower for both purposes.

  • look up Bloom Energy to mitigate the main issues

  • So funny, "beyond lithium" and the USA just did a coup in bolivia, which has the worlds largest source of lithium.

  • J

    Get a male narrator. Females are difficult to understand by people who have any degree of hearing loss. It affects the ability to hear higher-pitched voices and sounds.

    I'd really like to view this content, but the voice is difficult to understand for me.

  • Most abundant and readily available energy comes for cheap clean natural gas and nuclear. There no need for extremely toxic solar panels and batteries.

  • Where should I start with Energy Vault.
    You want to put that thing near wind turbines, seriously?

  • DR Congo in Central Africa has all those mental deposits in big unexploited areas. Will all these tech improve their economy?

  • “Hydrogen Storage”
    The video was beautifully made and informative.
    The only thing is that you forgot the hydrogen generation and storage as one of the biggest changes that will probably happen.

  • To learn how to properly compare battery ratings across different devices:

  • Many people talked about the demise of the lead acid battery for a long time. But it never went away. We will use li-ion batteries for a long time yet.

  • Focus on liquid batteries…crane energy system can't work in high wind and earthquake condition…

  • this was educational, enjoyable and entertaining. I'd love to see what kind of loss there is in these kinds of batteries. I mean a lion battery stores as much wats as you put in but I imagine something like energyvaults crane would suffer a lot of loss from friction simmilarly to how hydropumps lose a lot of energy through ineffeciency.

  • Japan is developing a wind turbine that can harvest typhoon wind energy. If humans will be able to store that massive energy typhoons got, it will be a game changer.

  • Energy storage is critical, for both solar/wind and nuclear and even coal. Batteries can assist for regulating power, but do not provide base load. The only solution which can provide base load and can be deployed today is water based, pumping water up a hill and then down when required.

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  • If you want to store electrical energy you could make Olympic pool size saltwater capacitors Nikola Tesla used these devices in his experiments so you could store all the energy you need in multiple saltwater capacitors of the large size

  • Technology by bloom energy is also a milestone in alternative source of energy

  • Molten salt is great solution for energy storage..

  • I cant stand the music.

  • This is bullsheat. This entire vid doesn't mention the alternative most commonly used … I have a huge array of solar panels on my roof producing up to 180 kWh per day during the summer, which is partially used by my air conditioner and bitcoin miners. I looked into getting a Tesla powerwall to store the excess energy so that I can then use it at night but it was cheaper for my panels to put the excess power during the day into my electric company's grid and then I can draw 95% of that energy back out during the night when my solar panels aren't producing electricity. Effectively, I'm using the electric company as my battery for a 5% fee and that turned out to be way cheaper than buying an overpriced Tesla powerwall with accompanying installation fees. On the flip side, my electric company gets excess energy from me (and the thousands of other solar homes in the area) during the sunniest and hottest time of the day when all their residential and commercial customers are cranking up their own air conditions and the electric company gives me back that stored energy at night when everybody is sleeping and air conditioners don't have to work as hard … meaning the electric company doesn't need to invest in more expensive "peaker plants" ran only during a few hours during the hottest time each day.

  • B

    Yeah……slave labor so people with money can save money on energy!

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  • Narrator's voice sounds like an undergrad student rushing through her end of term presentation

  • Grid scale energy storage is the reason why both fusion and next-gen fission reactors are dead-end technology. Its just pure economics.

  • j g

    the TATA power company buwhahaha!! save the TATAS!!

  • Almost missed it… Primus sent it's battery to a Chinese manufacturer of wind turbines? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Goodbye Primus and the millions of $$ in US Govt grants, hello Chinese knock-off at 1/5th the price and 1/4th the quality.

  • amazing how little engineering knowledge people and politicans have. they are subventioning crazy stupid ideas that never can have any success. the sollution is naturally the demand side management, prices of electricity greatly vary on the spot market but suppliers don't pass that to the consumer because they make huge profits with selling completely overpriced electric power for 90% of the time. the nuclear technology is mature and save, we don't need towers with cranes or dangerous water deposits at heights, nor do we want to see explosions of compressed gas or burning chemicals. Tschernobyl and Fukushima tought us how limited the maximum damage is, even in worst case. The 3d nuclear accident will even be smaller.

  • Why US has hang up with profit seeking "private" company?
    Isn't all the problem we have today originated from profit?

  • Also, one could develop a geothermal battery for future electricity production for very large-scale renewable
    energy storage.

  • What do solar panels produce besides electricity? SHADE. Solar panels should be sited where that shade can be leveraged. (Over parking lots and air-conditioned buildings) Not covering nature's perfect solar collectors which are meadows and pastures.

  • It's all about who is in charge and what incentives are on the table. Humanity can be just great if both fits.

  • They should also be looking at the other side of the issue which is consumption. If consumption dropped 20-40% because of better energy efficient homes eg using efficiencies found with earth ships, then how much power we need to generate and store will not be as out of reach

  • Battery has so low Energy density that when the clean energy will be dominant, the only way to storage energy will be hidrogen. Battery are good only for buffer.

  • God save lithium resource wealthy countries, AMEN!

  • god bless usa.all nations nowadays are debtor to

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