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The dark side of the solar power boom: Power Shock, Part 2 | 7.30

About two million Australian homes and businesses have installed rooftop solar. The money flowing into renewables, some of its from government subsidies, has meant a rush of new players in the market. But advocates warn the industry is effectively unregulated and some customers are very unhappy. For Part 1, click… Read More

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Here’s Something You Never Knew You Needed for Your Car – Solar Power

Solar power battery charger ►https://amzn.to/2vDJcWl Solar power battery charger for your car. Here’s Something You Never Knew You Needed for Your Car, solar power, DIY with Scotty Kilmer. How to install solar power on car. Installing solar power system on your car. Solar panel charging system. Does solar power work… Read More

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Off-Grid Living Experience – Day 1: No Electricity, Water or Gas

I’m sharing my Off-grid living experience. I turned off the city water, natural gas and grid power. In spite of all my preparing for the last two years I feel very apprehensive about that I’m going to experience with this off grid living experience. I’m videoing and going to share… Read More

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How Power Home Solar works with our customers

Power Home Solar CEO Jayson Waller walks the company’s customers through the 10 steps that happen when customers sign up to go solar with us. Power Home takes care of everything from sales to installation and everything in between. We do all the behind-the-scenes work so you don’t have to,… Read More

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AS Solar’s DIY Solar Panel Installation, Part 2: Mounting the Kinetic K-Flash

Part 2 – Watch a solar expert from AS Solar demonstrate how to install a DIY solar panel kit. With this easy to follow guide, you can now easily install a roof solar panel system in your home! Here in part two we show how to mount the Kinetic K-Flash… Read More

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