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DIY Portable, Modular, Solar Power Station!

I’ve had this project pretty much finished for quite some time, but havent done a video on it. I was recently telling someone about it and I figured others may be interested as well. I’m currently using a (N)EverStart Maxx 120ah Deep Cycle battery, a Duralast 1000w Modified Sine Wave… Read More

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Wiring Your Solar Power System

Shop Solar Panel Wiring at altE: https://www.altestore.com/store/Cables-Wiring/c463/ This video will show you how to calculate the NEC compliant wire sizes for a photovoltaic (solar electric) system. We will include many of the de-rating calculations for temperature, conduit fill, distance off the roof, and others. These calculations are for both off-grid… Read More

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The World’s Best Solar Panels – SUNPOWER

SunPower calls their panels “the world’s best solar panels” and it’s no wonder. SunPower solar pv modules are leading the renewables market in performance and efficiency because they ARE the best. 50% more solar power than conventional designs means SunPower panels are producing more power in the same amount of… Read More

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AS Solar’s DIY Solar Panel Installation, Part 2: Mounting the Kinetic K-Flash

Part 2 – Watch a solar expert from AS Solar demonstrate how to install a DIY solar panel kit. With this easy to follow guide, you can now easily install a roof solar panel system in your home! Here in part two we show how to mount the Kinetic K-Flash… Read More

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