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DIY contacting of organic solar cells – solar tape (infinityPV)

This video presents the DIY contacting of flexible organic solar cells / solar tape by http://www.infinityPV.com. It shows the opening of contacts areas and preparing for direct soldering of wires to the OPV organic solar foil. ### A final encapsulation is required for electrical contacts and cut-off ends ### The… Read More

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Renogy: How to connect your Solar Panels in Series and Parallel Pt. 2

This is the second part of our video on how to connect your panels in Series and Parallel. This video builds upon the basic installation showing a more complicated parallel connection. This video only covers the parallel connection on the 300W and 400W kits, and the next one will cover… Read More

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Solar Death Ray 10,000 suns 48" DIY Giant Archimedes Parabolic Mirror Reflector

This solar ray of Archimedes styled death is how he would have use dthe power of the sun for solar thermal applications Low cost solar cooker. Homemade DIY solar parabolic death ray mirror for solar cooking. This is similar to the parabolic heat cooker I made a few years ago.… Read More

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