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Living and Learning Permaculture with Charles and Julia Yelton – Part 2

www.estiamaine.org Part 2 of 2 Building on an interest in sustainable living-related courses at the University of Maine, Peace Studies professor Emily Markides collaborated with renowned permaculture experts Charles and Julia Yelton for the University’s first permaculture course offered in the fall of 2005. This is a short student-made documentary… Read More

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Ananda Village Sustainable Living Food Forest Permaculture Project 2009

http://www.anandavillage.org/ Permaculture is a system to help people live in greater harmony with the wisdom of nature. A “Food Forest” is an orchard and garden combined into a biodiverse, forest-mimicking, multi-layered, symbiotic mix of edible and medicinal plants. By design, it maximizes the productive use of light, water, and soil… Read More

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Bamboo in Permaculture with Brendon McKeon “Living Permaculture” Episode 1

Click this link to learn more about Bamboo in Permaculture http://youtu.be/pcgFC3Q3CNA We love this diverse use Bamboo species…it is good for so many things in permaculture. Bamboo Multiplex is a thin reed clumping bamboo used for hedges, erosion control, mulch, contour lines, privacy borders, etc. It has a very deep… Read More

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