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Living off grid Tiny House Update

We plan to be living off grid soon. Our tiny house is coming along. This is our 4th update on our off grid cabin. As always we appreciate you watching. Hope you’ll click the like button and we love hearing from you all in the comments sections. Stay tuned for… Read More

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Off Grid Living: Hobart Backup Generator / Welder

we need a backup generator for our solar system. A stand alone generator can be real expensive so I decided to go the multi purpose route. Arc welding is new to me but it’s pretty simple. I can see how this welder / generator will get used on a regular… Read More

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DIY Solar Panel Ground Mount

WANT TO HELP SUPPORT OUR CHANNEL? https://www.patreon.com/lifeuncontained With the solar closet in the barn complete, we have started making the solar panel mount. Watch as we make the footings for the wooden frame that will soon hold our 12 solar panels. These panels will power our workshop and off grid… Read More

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Solar Panels On Our House – Two Years In

At this point I’ve had solar panels at work on the roof of our house for over two years. Here’s my report of how the system is working after two years of experience. At the end of the first year of using solar panels I wanted to expand the system… Read More

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**BREAKING** I have just launched my Patreon page. Please consider becoming my patron so I can make better films! https://www.patreon.com/lulastic What an intense summer! Living in a yurt during a cyclone. Evacuated at midnight due to flash floods! Harvesting honey. Calves born. Holy macaroni! We are Lucy, Tim Ramona and… Read More

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Family Living Off Grid in Camper Trailer & Tree House Style Studio

Jeff McIntyre and his family spend as much time as they can living in the 1920’s style, off-grid camp they created on a 400 acre piece of land that includes 2 private lakes. This mini documentary tours their “cookie” which is a treehouse-style artist studio that doubles as a cookhouse.… Read More

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