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Hydroponic Herb Garden Guide

▼▼▼Click “Show More” for resources▼▼▼ In this video I go over exactly what you need to do to build your first hydroponic system that grows healthy, fresh, CHEAP herbs year round for under $100 bucks. Check it out – it’s a great introduction to hydroponics. ►Learn to grow your own… Read More

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Hydroponic Indoor Winter Garden 2012-2013 Kick Off

Here I am at the start of another season of hydroponic indoor growing and yes I brought back my old intro…though it changes with every update. I’m starting off with hydroponic Hoy tomatoes and hydroponic Diva cucumbers. In this video I show building the simplest hydroponic system to make and… Read More

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Final Results – Hydroponic Fertilizer Experiment

I’ve been working on an experiment comparing water soluble fertilizers for hydroponic growing. Here is how it began: http://youtu.be/oeLd2SP0c6U The final results are in. When it comes to hydroponics, Miracle Grow is not recommended because it has a form of nitrogen that is best suited for use in the soil.… Read More

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Hydroponic Cabbage – Yes You Can !

I’ve been growing a lot of leafy greens in the hydroponic setups. And some folks were wondering what else could be grown. Specifically… could you grow cabbage in a hydroponic setup, using either the Kratky method or the floating rafts? The answer is, yes you can. But if you’re gonna… Read More

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Hydroponics growing system Homemade – How to start plants in a hydroponic system

My homemade hydroponics growing system has been growing basil for the past 2 months but I have decided to try grow something else in my hydroponic system. In this video I show you how to start your plants off in your growing system. I transfer my plants from soil to… Read More

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