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Homemade Battery Charger – solar powered! – fast charge (AA,AAA,C,D sizes) – simple DIY

Homemade Solar Powered Battery Charger. very simple design. only 3 items needed, 1 small solar panel, plastic battery cradle, rechargeable batteries. powerful fast charge. easy to make. for charging 2 to 4 AA AAA C or D size batteries. use a 6v 1.5 watt panel. that will produce 250mah of… Read More

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The battery that could make mass solar and wind power viable | Dispatch

Renewables are growing, but even if they could some day replace fossil fuels, there’s a problem: that energy needs to be stored. Currently battery tech isn’t up to the task, but the solution to one of the world’s most pressing problems might just be sitting in Marlborough Massachusetts. Welcome to… Read More

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Part 2: Step by Step Solar Installation from Beginner to Paid Pro, DIY Solar Training Course

Step by Step Solar http://kimroybailey.com/stepbystepsolar-youtube. Go from a beginner to a paid solar professional and install with confidence. In this video, I walk through all the steps taken to connect the solar panels to the DC breaker, to the charge controller, to the batteries and finally to the Inverter. I… Read More

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Inverter and MPPT Charge Controller Installation – DIY RV Solar

How do I power my RV from my solar panels and inverter? Watch this video to find out. I’ll also walk you through my MPPT charge controller and 2000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter installation. Watch more videos on my solar powered RV This setup gives us electrical independence and allows… Read More

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Can DIY Solar Panels Solve Puerto Rico’s Power Crisis?

This week marks five months since Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, plunging the island into the worst blackout in American history. Chris recently went to the U.S. territory to meet a man who has made it his mission to bring power back to his people via DIY solar tech —… Read More

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