Sustainable Living through Permaculture Systems

Warren Brush (Exec. Dir., Quail Springs Permaculture Gardens) guides us through the various interdependent sustainable living & food production systems at Quail Spring Permaculture Gardens & Sustainable Living Facilities (Maricopa, Ca.). Produced for public television by Barrett Productions, Ventura, Ca. More info





  • This was a really interesting video, glad I came across it. After watching this video it gave me a few new ideas. I thought I would drop our link here for people to see. maybe you can pick up something cool from it and if you have any questions or comments hit us up as well.

  • Beautiful and providing hope! We have started something along Permaculture after getting education with Geoff Lawton. Setting up a demonstration site to share and teach others towards a better future for our children and society in Northern New Zealand.

  • Monsanto is a NWO biological weapons, GM, and all around bad organization btw love quail springs.

  • Look up the "Pockets of Freedom" map to find the best places to build sustainable communities.

  • I am glad this guy was honest enough to say how many people it took to build this, because that is a lot of people. Even if it took 20 people instead of the 75 they used, it gives me some idea why modern structures are favored.

  • 35:10 "We´re one of the most corrupted government in the world". YES!

  • I did not watch the whole video, because this guy annoyes me. He's all "Look how cool i am!", he does not show anithing useful, and mentions all the wrong reasons for sustainable lifestyle, as if it was just a hippie thing. The worst is how he "can bring springs back" but does not says how.

  • Look out for the United Nation's Agenda 21 though.

  • i think this guy gets it.  autonomous building and forest gardening is the way!

  • Another local hero. Well played. 

  • I like this, it just makes good sense! love it!

  • Please share the knowledge of how it's done!

  • the cages are temporary as mentioned when he brought up the flood that occurred

  • Your farm sounds like a nice place…I wish you would have shown us more of it…most of it was of you talking….I would like to see what you were talking about….show us the trees and plants not a talking head.
    But it sounds like a great place.

  • (Second installment, added for clarity.) The difference in attitude manifests as either a centralized "agricultural" society of "farms" (such as M. Shepherd's "regenerative ag") that, despite improvement, still rely on unfair labor, resource-intensive shipping, "war" with "pests," and the same food/environmental injustice that lets people starve while food rots. Vs: a "horticultural" society with restored, abundant anthropogenic food forests and small intensive gardens. But, diversity's good…

  • True! Even the great eastern chestnut/maple forest was just a massive anthropogenic food forest! But non-human "wild" animals garden, too, actively and passively selecting and cultivating species they like–so, human involvement can be "wild," too. The destructive, non-sustainable aspects of an "anti-wild" agriculture arise from issues of distribution, a general "man v. nature" approach to ecosystems and the beings that inhabit them. It's not a sustainable way of thinking. Anyway, great work!

  • Rewilding is a great idea! Yet humans have been affecting their environment as long as there have been humans. Few areas were untouched by native peoples. Many native groups had learned how to live so harmoniously w/their environment (often practicing what we would now call permaculture) that Europeans thought those places were 'wild', that 'no man had been there before' (and often did not think of the natives as people either…sigh.) Most also had more intensively managed areas, too.

  • Yes! Watch 'Greening the Desert' and 'Greening the Desert 2' with Geoff Lawton on YouTube. Food production systems w/fossil fuels destroy the envoronment; those without can be both abundant & infinately sustainable, IF properly designed & managed. See 'Restoration Agriculture' on YouTube.

  • Want to learn more about the cycle of our food environments not revealed to anybody before until just recently?
    Go 0n GO0GLE type in TRUTH C0ntest and then click on The PresenT

  • We love permaculture and we use 24/7 here at Osa Mountain Village. Check us out

  • you mentioned that we can green all the deserts is that including the water being naturally introduced? I'm worried that once our fossil fuels diminish we're not going to have enough local agriculture to feed our population of today specially now that I have a daughter so I was curious if this is really doable.

  • He did mention that he lets the rabbits free range. Not sure in detail what that means however atleast they are not in the cages 24/7

  • I'm curious if it is needed to use any industrialized machines in the process of building any of these Permaculture structures or is any of the Permaculture living lifestyle possible with non fossil fueled tools or materials?

  • GREAT IDEA!!! at the 18:00 mark – those have been called Chicken Tractors by some…

    There are hundreds of great and smart designs avail for FREE on the web (google search "images chicken tractor") or do the search "chicken tractor" right here on youtube.

    Lots and lots of different ways to do this

  • !!! Bad-Bad Hippy ~ No Fascism !!!

    – You lose 1,000 "Hippy-Points";
    – You must De-louse, &
    – your Co-op membership is suspended for seven months!

  • No, not Hitler.

    What this knucklehead, lenznet, is proposing is Fascism.

    Hitler was a Socialist that used racism to rally the people & steal resources from citizens (as well demonize & kill them).

    Gov is Evil. The larger Gov becomes (laws, rules, regs) the more Evil it becomes.

    History is repeating itself…. the experiment that called for strong personal liberty is FAILING… USA is becoming FSA (fascist states of america)

  • It seems that most of what you do is to support a non-Vegan lifestyle. If you were to go Vegan you would not need the animals, and chickens, and you would not have to spend the time, energy, and food to raise animals. A Vegan lifestyle would be healthier, and much more sustainable.

  • You may also want to explore sustainable living in the Costa Rica's Southern Pacific Zone, specifically at Serenity Gardens Eco Village at the top of the Osa Penninsula. Our goal is to produce all of our food and energy while building a community. Please check us out on the web.

  • Depends on the issue, no? I mean, not torturing people yourself isn't a very effective way of preventing it generally.

  • I really appreciate that he's enlightening people with information about this system of slavery we're all entrenched in. Most people aren't even aware of that but they do know they're not happy and that they're working their lives away for crumbs. The permaculture model is our ticket out of this mess. Spread it far and wide.

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