Solar Powered Mini Split Air Conditioner Tour – Everlanders see the World!

How we Solar Power our Mini-Split Air Conditioner in our Overland RV!

I procrastinated making this video because it seemed too simple, “I bought the AC Unit – I plugged in the AC unit – It keeps us cool”. But, by popular demand, I answer as much as I can about our A/C unit we’ve installed in our overland camper.

We have a ForestAir 8000 BTU Mini-Split AC that we power with solar power via our 8 Rooftop mounted solar panels. That power heads down to our Lithium Battery Bank for just a moment and is promptly used by our 1800w Inverter to make the 110 volts needed for the AC Unit.

0:20 – My testing with a small 450w Window Mount AC unit
1:50 – Finding a small Mini-Split Air Conditioner for our RV
2:36 – How I Installed the compressor
3:20 – How we power this Cooling System from PV
4:00 – How loud is it?
5:05 – No windows for Maximum Efficiency
6:08 – Solar Panels Ventilation and Shade – More Efficiency
7:15 – Power Consumption Part 1 – Duty Cycle
9:00 – Heading Inside to look at Solar Logging Data
11:00 – Tour of the Air Handler unit and ducting.
14:00 – Power Consumption Par 2 – Examining Solar Charts – Data!!

There have been many (removed) comments where this install has been criticized as faked with a power cord plugged into mains power or that it would not last more than a month in the rough conditions of an Off-Road Camper such as ours, but after 3 years and 100,000km – it’s still going strong.

And the thing you’ve all asked in the comments before looking in the description, We got it at Costco:

Also Available from The Cabin Depot in Canada and the USA
ForestAir Mini Split 10,000 BTU Portable 3-in-1 Air Conditioner

ForestAir Mini Split 10,000 BTU Portable 3-in-1 Air Conditioner

Sadly, I have confirmed that the replacement for the model we have is now 10,000 BTU and the hose is no longer removable. Something to consider if feeding it through a small hole is of value to you.

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