Solar Power low cost DIY All in one system

DIY all in one Solar Panel system. This all in one solar power station includes a solar panel, charge controller, battery, LED, light configuration is a DIY easy solar setup.
These are very simple configuration for solar options offering the following:
• Mobile Power for low watt bulbs and small computer or appliances.
• Vulnerable Assest locations providing off grid lighting to remote areas.
• Standalone Lighting for secured areas providing good security lighting.





  • You continue to educate the YouTube community. You are a tremendous asset! Thank you, sir.

  • great , one question, I want to put in my garden 40w led how many watts must be the solar panel ? how many car batterys , and for how many hours last this thing ? thanks

  • if we use a len on solar panel can we get more energy or we'll smell that panel ?

  • Any set it and forget it, set ups? Most people don't want the hassle! Something that you can plug n play; without buzzers going off….. Maybe a sunshine power plant, that if it has power (Great) if not, Well (try again later) Like: a light that comes on when full and unit shuts off when too low, till unit is charged full and light burns excess (overcharge) idiot oil light like on cars…..

  • Hello Dan, i'm looking to power a 12'x14' shed with led lights, most likely led strips and also us a a 6 plug power strip to hook up my cordless battery chargers and maybe a nice sound system while i'm working out back in the shed. Could you possibly tell me what i'd probably need???

  • Dan,
      Got a secure area, but worried about theft?????   ALARM SYSTEM!!!!!! Motion detection…

  • would using a 40 watt solar panel and a 12v 20Ah battery be sufficient for 2-3 10w led lights?

  • Hey Dan, I could use some advice. I'm 21 and I'll be moving out soon, I'd like to power my laptop and play station 3 with solar power. I use these items often, is there a way do this without going broke? 

  • Hi I would like to know what model do you recommend for a charge control . Thank you 

  • I love your videos, keep making more DIY, solar powered system videos…

  • This video with the same title has been uploaded by others. 

  • I believe your explanation of watt / hours is very over simplified and potentially misleading to people who are still learning. Peek sun hours, the hours of the day that your solar panels produce their peek energy will vary significantly depending on your location and season. Southern Florida / Texas, get much stronger sun than say Washington or Montana. Also the further North you go the greater the variation between Summer and Winter… And that doesn't take into account when it's cloudy.

  • @Rc Flyer Good Question, YES, you can connect multiple solar panels in PARALLEL to a single charge controller. Observe correct positive / negative polarity and you will not have any problem. If you charge controller is 20 amps, then the limit would be 20 amps x 12 volts = 240 watts of solar panels. You do not need to worry about diodes etc, as the charge controller manages the charging for you..

  • Great video, great explanation of watt-hours.  No one ever explains that part.  Keep it up.

  • How much power is needed to power a log cabin I just got land in Maine and will be moving to off the grid I have a family of 5 I dont know anything about solar or wind power but would love to try this love your vids thnx

  • I have a 20 amp charge controller to the one in this video can i parallel connect 2 or 3, panels to it i have 10w panels ? will power from one panel go in to the other and damage it must i put in diodes to stop that from happening ??

  • hey can I parallel connect solar panels to one charge controller ??

  • I just came across you videos by chance, and am glad I did so.
    You do a great job explaining your subject matter and you obviously enjoy yourself.

  • You have done an excellent job in explaining the setup.

  • Hi thanks for the newfound knowledge. I just bought a 100 Watt solar panel and I would like to connect it to my Low Voltage landscape light kit. It's 12 V with 10 amps per lights. I have 6. What option do I use to connect them? thanks for your help.

  • Wow. Someone's been working out. 😉

  • I've ;learnt a lot in this short vid, I use pir solar lights out my house to light up passage ways and the entrance of my driveway when I drive home at night,these units only use a small solar panel and use 1.2 volt batteries x3 but give of a lot of light.
    Using the information you have shown I'm now going to come up with a way to light my house using led lights for say the bathroom using sensors to save power and use wind power for the lights that stay on for longer,the best of both worlds.

  • I wish I had the brains to understand what you're talking about, I really want to put my room on solar+battery power but this is all over my head 🙁

  • Thank you for the nice comment:-)

  • DIY a trusted site where you got the solar cells because the website looks like a catch

  • I have 11 watt 1/4" pumps. It doesn't take much. They are used as a sump pump to give my grid connected pump a break.I haven't had an accurate read on my 30 watt pump but it pressures up to around 25psi. I have 4 car batteries charging throughout the week from a 15 watt pannel. I get 2 charges to my battery powered mower out of that which would use over a litre of gas per week otherwise.

  • CHECK OUT THE SOLAR DIRECT PUMPS. They run deep well on a single 40=80 watt panel and pump to an elevated storage tank ant low volume throughout the day. Average is 1500 gallons per 10 hour solid sun day. The water is then used via gravity and a small DC booster pump for pressure.

  • Humm, wondering if it's worth the effort if I can't even run a pump. What do you run on yours?

  • yes car batteries are feasible. cheap used ones. I pay 20 and the core is worth almost half that. They will drop to 11.9 volts and stay there for a while. once you go beyond 11.9 the volts drop quickly. I don't drain mine past 11.5 if I can help it. Obviously if you reduce your load the volts increase. I can't a water/sewer pump to run very well on it. probably because they're old.

  • If You use DC bulbs you wouldn't need the inverter.

  • Hi Dan, thanks for another excellent video. I need help to determine Watts, voltages, AMPH for batteries needed to provide enough power to run 100W load for 10 hours.
    1. Battery needed will be ?amph
    2. Battery – Voltage 12V or 24V ?
    3. Solar panels – ? Watts
    4. Inverter ? Watts
    5. Charge controller ? Watts?
    6. Any other item that needs to be ? Watt/Volts
    awaiting your reply, thanks

  • For a while. Deep cycles are designed for lower discharge while car batteries are designed for more cranking amps and last longer if they do not drop below 50%.

  • Wondering if I can just use an old car battery for this system?

  • Hi Affnan,

    We are working on an aquaponics place too:-) The newer magdrive direct solar pumps are amazing. I sent you the link via youtube. I would suggest two panels averaging 40-50 watts each. This gives you option to split or work together.

  • All photocells/photoresistors actually do that. The internal board is what makes them opposite. You need "normally closed" vs "normally opened" circuit boards. The photoresistors usually cannot directly handle the current of usable electrical items so a board with relays is needed.

  • Dan, I need a 12 volt DC switch to do the opposite of dusk/dawn. —-. I need it on with sun and off without. It is for a heat exchanger for a solar hot water "pre-heater". I need to use an exchanger with RV anti-freeze because the unit is exposed to night time freezing.
    Perhaps I am searching for a wrong name but I have come up with nothing. Right now a Baraix (sp) timer will work but it comes on on dark cloudy days where the exchanger would not help.
    A source would be a Blessing,

  • Hi Dan

    Thanks for another great video, I am trying to make an experimental off grid Aquaponics setup. My power requirement around 60 ~ 80 watt. Solar is a good option for my intended purpose it will run 2 pumps and an aerator.

    I am located at Equatorial Malaysia, should be enough sun over here. What you think I will need.

    Affnan Aquaponics

  • Again, another awesome video! 🙂

  • Hi.No I meant hook grid tie inverter to battery bank which will be charged via MPPT solar.The idea is to get the most out of grid tie inverter and steady watts through battery bank which will as a compensator during partly cloudy day.And that grid tie will be connected to AC(airconditioning unit to one phase) not AC (alternative current).I'm Sorry if I explained wrongly.

  • That sounds to us like a 10 watt 12V panel. We'd thought about carrying those but the size is just too small to do any meaningful recharging. Keep up the good work Dan! Happy to see you educating people on this! We've learned a lot from you.

  • Just eating better. GMO is not a big concern to us as it is a tradeoff for less pesticides etc. and regardless of what the label says, you will never really know. Salt, trans-fats, and excessively processed carbs are what we avoid. Charging your batteries from AC = from the grid?

  • Hi Dan.Great video.So you are off the GMO food,that's great and hard thing to do in US.I would like to ask you about the grid tie inverter.Do you think if grid tie inverter 14-28VDC can be run from 24V battery bank?Will it give steady max output all the time? I was thinking to hook it up to my AC only when is running via contactor relay to reduce energy consuption,but not to supply to the grid,no way.. and while AC is off charging the battery bank..thnx.Mike.

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