Wiring panels in series and parallel for solar energy. Solar panels can be connected for increased current or increased voltage. Natural or solar power in this free video. The installation of a solar panel wiring and Electrical process can be confusing. This is a simple explanation of “Series” and “Parallel” configurations for solar panels and DC batteries.





  • This is a good informative solar video. thanks !

  • i have 6, 5 watt pannels hooked up in series to maintain my camper battery when camping with no electric hook up do i have to unhook the power inverter?

  • Very nice way to explain the W = V/A relation. Good video!

  • if we buy it from online and it comes wrong like we order to glow bulbs the product came to charge the mobiles we can change the settings or it will be broken

  • Can you explain why the no load voltage is higher ..and why it decreases upon load? Also, is this true for all solar setups, …the no load voltage is always higher on panels without load? If yes, how do you know you are running within safe parameters for the equipment you are desiring to operate?

  • could lightening knock out power from solar power and if so how can I protect it

  • I. Have 4 100 W panels and WPPT solar charge controller and 2000W pure sine wave inverter hop to hook up to my camper on a part time when we have no power going to get 4 12V R V batters Thank you for help that gave me before hop you can give some more help on this

  • I have 4 panels at 100 W per panels what is the best way to hook up + to- or +. Or +to –

  • Very informative and no useless blabber!

  • Hi
    I am confused with amp in a solar panel because some100w have less amp and some panels have high amp Is it important to look for the amp in a solar panel when we look for a panel?

  • How would you hook up a 48v 500w motor to solar power?

  • 2 panels connected parallel with each panel having 20 modules. Each module gives 24 volts. What is the total voltage of the 2 panels? 24, 48, 240, 480?

  • if I have 2 models connected in parallel each models have 20 panels each panels of 24 volts each were is the total volts 24 volts 48 volts 240 volts 480 volts

  • Dan, I plan on building a solar gererator, I am getting 4 100watt panels, and I have 4 120 amp 12v AGM batteries, and 5000watt inverter, I need to get my charge controler. Should I use a MPPT or a PWM controler? I will be wiring the panels and the batteries in parallel. Thanks, George

  • Hi Dan, I have 3 X 90w panels and 1 x 80w all the panels are 18volts. Can I link them in series to my 30a mppt charge controller to again better power or will I have to link them in parallel. Which would be the best option?
    Any advice would be appreciated.

  • how can i hook up 10 100 wat renorgy monocrystalline panels to get 24 volts I see how you hooked two together to get 24 volts what if I hook up 10 sets of 2like you did to get 24 volts then all the positives and all the negatives and run that to my charge controller or is there some other way to do it,also if I use you're method for hooking up say 4 100 watt panels positive to negative then take+and negative leads would I then have 400 [email protected]?,,,if yes how big of a battery bank could I support with 400watts,,,48volt bank????48volts sounds really great for late night tv,I think (less amps longer run time?)

  • Howdy GREENPOWERSCIENCE, Great video Thanks for sharing with everyone… I am new to this stuff, and am trying to re connect the wires to a zamp 12 volt solar panel. This panel was given to me, but it didn't have the wires or power leads coming off the back of it. There is a two small tabs that I can solder wire to, but I'm not sure if the Pos is on the left or the right ? As I'm looking rfom the panel from the back, I would think that the pos lead would be on right….. Would you by chance know if I'm right about this ?  I have a purchased a solar charge controller. It's the SunGuard Rated 4.5A  12Volt. I was told this is the controller that I needed for this panel. All I'm wanting to do is a keep a charge on a 12 Volt battery……

  • Which is better for a ts-60 charge controller; 10 panels with 2 sets of 5 each or 5 sets of 2 panels each ?

  • Hi, how should I connect my solar panels in a off grid system in serial or parallel…?I have 16 solar panel 220w each for a 24volts system =37volts when is sunny with 14 marine bateries of 12 volts connect in serial/parallel for make 24 volts with 122amp each.I'm using 2 control charge xantrex c40 one for each 8 solar panels and a inverter xantrex off grid of 4000w.

  • Once I have the solar panels connected to my deep-cycle batteries, governed by a charge controller, how do I get the battery power into my existing electrical panel? Is there a video on this last step.

  • +GREENPOWERSCIENCE Could you please help. I'm trying to get 1A from 4.5v Solar panel. But in order to do this, I'd need to buy 10 of these 4.5vdc (0.122A) Solar Panels to get 1.0A of output by hooking them up in paralel. I don't understand why I need to spend so much to get 1Amp of current output. Could I just supply a 4.5v @ 0.122A to a DC-DC (Boost) Converter to get an output of 5vdc @ 1amp using only one 4.5v @ 0.122A Solar panel rated at 0.5Watts? What do I need to do to get an output of 4.5vdc @ 1A?

  • Thank You Mr. Rojas for Your best way to do Cell panels for people lick me with no nating about  this grate Solar device. 

  • So I'm making a little battery charge station for AA/AAA and I want to be cheep and effective so im useing doller store path lights would I just do +to+ or +to- please help I really want to be more money efficient

  • do i have to use a diode for just two small 9v panels together in series?  I see you are not.. but some people say to use one?  If I have to or should.. where does that go?  

  • How do I connect two solar panels together which one is 110 watt and the other one is 100 watt without damaging the grid tie inverter because the grid tie inverter
    should not exceed 28 volts

  • Hi, Dan, my question is, is it possible to connect two solar panels with different watts, one is 100 watt solar panel and the other one is 110 watt solar panel, these two solar panels that I want to connect are from differet companies but I want to connect them for my 250 watt grid tie inverter? Please I need your answer, is it ok to coonect two solar panels with different watts and each from different company?

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  • if I had 6 solar panels, could I do 3 in series and the other 3 in parallel and increase the voltage and amperage?

  • Every website talks about "in series" or "parallel" but no one ever really demonstrates that so clearly as you in this video.  Thanks a lot.  A LOT!  Great video!

  • dan ,what way would you wire up my system .3, 250w panels 4, 100amp deep cycle batteries 12volt, and a 1000w 24 volt pure sine wave inverter

  • hi
    how r u
    i have 6 panels i test them they give me about 130v
    i dont know how many watt
    i have 4 battery each 12v 75amper
    its burn my controller 12/24v
    what i must do
    thanks really ur great:)

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