small residential solar power system

short video describing a small solar power system that i set up at my house. it consists of twelve 1 amp solar panels (15 watts each for a total of 180 watts of power – per hour). i use it to run all lights (CFL’s), fans, tv’s, and stereos in the house. also the microwave, coffee maker, blender, can opener, sandwich grill, toaster, vacuum, computer and anything else i can think of. run time for lights/fans only is approx 8 hours. add in vacuuming, microwaving or toaster along with lights, tv and the fans and the run time is reduced to 4-5 hours a day. i bought solar panels, inverter (1000 watt) and killowatt meter at Harbor Freight tools, the batteries (deep cycle) from walmart and the battery cables from checker auto. total cost was about $1200 to $1300 For the latest including EXTRA PICS and INFO. – Click on the (picassa photo gallery) “WEBSITE LINK” from my youtube channel page.





  • Can you please give me advice on what solar power equipment I would need to power my little 700w microwave, little fridge, a rice cooker, 750w portable heater, 27" LCD monitor, a small computer, and a tiny pair of 5w computer speakers? I'll be moving to a tiny house and wanting to know whether to go solar or regular electric. If I decide to go traditional electricity route the electrician will charge me $1000~ 1500 to have wire/meter setup. How much would it cost me if I go solar?

  • Hey man like your gear, however I noticed you seem to have extension cords running everywhere from the inverter to well we're u need power am I correct? If I am may I suggest just cutting say an extension cord in half you'll be needing the end that plugs into the inverter so male end… now feed that into your breaker box however you wish, get yourself a 220 breaker or. 120/220 breaker basically you need a breaker that has to inputs I myself just used my main breaker that normally takes the feed from the electric company (WARNING , IF YOU GET POWER FROM THE POWER COMPANY ABSOLUTELY DO NOT TOUCH YOUR MAIN FEED WIRES. THEY WILL KILL YOU) BUT anyhow g it off track so you need a 2 pole breaker I suppose u could use a breaker from an existing dryer line (only if you don't use dryer but I'm guessing 1000 watt inverter most dryers being 220 your not) but anyhow take the cut end of your extension cord strip it back (btw make sure the ground prong hasn't been broken off the cord) once striped back SHUT OFF MAIN POWER IF YOU DO HAVE POWER FROM ELECTRIC COMPANY and run the white wire to the lugs in your panel that all the other white wires are going to just find a empty lug and wire it in now the bare copper wire wire it to yer ground lugs (we're all the other bare wires go again find an empty lug, now to energize both sides of the panel you need to use a 220 breaker like I said in the beginning you will need about a 6 inch piece of wire preferably black (get it from the other half the extension cord) now run you black wire from extension cord and one end of ur 6 in piece into one lug of the 220 breaker and then run the other end of your 6 on piece or jumper wire into second lug now NEVER EVER HAVE 50TH IS BREAKER AND YOUR MAIN BREAKER ON AT SAME TIME IF YOUR GETTING POWER FROM ELECTRIC COMPANY. basically this 220 breaker u have ran extension cord into is basically another main think of it just like the main that the power company feed comes into, but this one is a main that your inverter feeds into. now if your shut off your main were no power is coming in from electric company and flip this "inverter main" on all your lights light switched wall sockets will work just as they would if you had power from power company however this power will be coming from ur inverter and therefore pure solar…. now in your panel shut off any 220 breakers when using the inverter breaker as ur inverter is only supplying 110 an is only really suitable for running your lights and your normal 110 appliances. I just recently had a house put out in the country were I'm on a waiting list to have a power pole set at my house. So I've done basically what I described here (except my inverter feeds into were power company normally feeds into, but I don't have power from there so it's fine) running 2 25w panels and 1 115ah golf cart battery on a 2000 watt inverter and I can run my fridge muy lights( with low daw bulbs 120 mah each) charge my phone , laptop. and I have run 2 12v fans… got a say I can't complain. All my lights work in all rooms my electrical sockets work and my fridge works (fridge pulls a fair amount especially when compressor kicks on, if I have to many lights on or something when fridge cycles inverters shuts down) but hey small problem im off grid completely with only 2 25w panels albeit my needs are fairly small… haha sorry if this was quite long winded especially if you were all ready aware u could do this and chose not to for whatever reason anyhow hope this helps someone ***WARNING TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK, IF YOUR NOT COMFORTABLE POKING AROUND IN YOUR PANEL THEN DON'T. THE ELECTRICITY IN THERE AND FOR THAT MATTER COMING FROM INVERTER CAN KILL YOU….. BE SMART AND ENJOY*****

  • would the 12 panels charge more than 4 battery's on a full day of sun? Also led would draw less than cfls correct?

  • on cloudy days you can place mirrors near your solar panels to reflect the light drawing in more power.

  • [email protected] is the wattage used on the tv, thk u

  • How much money do you save per month?

  • In which state is your system located, southwest?  Do you use LED bulbs?  Is your refrigerator a top freezer model?

  • thx man, this was good, info…im about start my own thx.. greeting from the caribbean.. ok.. :)..

  • So what would someone need to run a WHOLE house on solar I mean everything Refrigerators, washers dryers stoves A/C garage door openers lights tv computers everything ? What equip what solar panels ? Oh I live in AZ so we have plenty of SUN 

  • How long will those batteries last? I mean, lifetime. And do you need to do maintenance on them?

  • I have a 12'x24' cabin NO utilities connected and would like to use a battery bank system that i can hard wire into the cabin .
    I had the cabin built pre-wired and insulated i have a 100a box also i have a 5500w generator to charge the bank if needed to replenish from night use , but i was thinking of putting together a 12 12v battery bank using a 1000 -200w peak inverter . should i have issues in the summer using a portable a/c ?    thanks love your video's 

  • Can you run a air conditioner on solar?

  • Okay so I want to run the following: Three Computers, An LG Cinema 47' TV, Two PC Speakers, Two standing lamps (with the rubber/plastic thingy around it), a Panasonic Sound system, two home outlets, a laptop, and three small 4-blade fans. But how many batteries do I need, and how many solar panels and inverters and battery chargers do I need?
    Please reply fast.
    Thanks alot, and good video anyways.

  • If you city had a solar payment policy, you could make $100. / month selling solar onto the grid.

  • Will this run a regular sized fridge?

  • Hi what's the name of the batteries, and are they 6V or 12V?  By the way thanks for the post.

  • could i run 2 inverters at once? say one 500 watt and one 1000 watt?

  • hi what size cable / wire do you on lighting set up, and leds

  • Really nice. I have 2 100ah batteries, and am getting 2 100 watt panels with 30A controller, so can  add a few more panels later. I run the same wattage microwave. I use 1500watt Pure Sine Wave inverter. Good setup. My setup is around $750 when built.
      Mine will have a box, and wheels and be roll-able in the house. Also, small box height to fit in my 240Z and go places and have a hot meal.
      See my video…Inverter and Microwave…Cooking a hot dog.

    If you want long lasting lights, like reading lights, get 150 lumen RV Dome lights, or 190 lumen RV Reading lights…use very, very little amps.

  • Hi, Its been 4 years since you had this system. Are your batteries still holding up? What is the depth of discharge(DoD) did you allow the batteries?

  • Once you switch over to LED lights and get rid of that CRT dinosaur, that'll reduce your demand a fair bit as well.  Enjoy.

  • How does solar collector efficiency vary with latitude, angle of incidence ,please anyone?

  • Thanks mate, we are planning the same for our outback Australian mining claim. This is one for my favorites.

  • Can you do a product review on the 1000 watt power inverter from Harbor Freight?

  • I have a small setup that im playing with, my main issue is the inverters automatically cut out just under 12volts so even if the deep cycle batteries are still good it wont run cause the inverters electronics has told it to turn off to save the battery. The inverter is from canadian tire and works fine as long as the volts stays around 12.. any thoughts.. Richard thx

  • wind is almost non-existent where i live. if it was windy i would have a wind turbine for sure.

  • An Idea…. Have You considdered a small 500 watt wind generator? One can be reasonably obtained for $300 and shipping… I understand solar for free power, but that is limited to Your photo period… turbines work in addition to your solar so it's win win.

  • very good… can teach me how to make one..
    i have a limited space…. i wish to run computer and lamp and fan in 8hrs per days..
    what should i have to build them? not really sunny days…

  • hi there, yes you can use it while it's charging. remember that most panels over 140 watts are not designed to be used with battery banks. i would recommend buying 2 100 watt panels. remember to buy a charge controller. for a video on how to hook up solar panels, watch my video titled, 'how to hook up solar panels (with battery bank)'

  • Not sure if this is a daft question but could i just buy 1 200 watt solar panel say a 1500w inverter and some batteries like yours, i live in ecuador now and there is allot of sun i would mainly be powering a few fans downstairs maybe internet and tv, can i use this during the day while it is charging the batteries or just on the evening, any info would be great as quite interested in doing something ike this thanks and great video!

  • Hello I want to set up a system to power 4 10 w led floodlights .I want to use a 20 w solar panel that powers a tv battery and then I want to use a 180w invterter just for the lights will it work

  • 12v DC items does not prolongs the life of batteries better, the difference between 12v DC items and 110v AC items is you can connect 12v DC items directly to battery and you need power inverter to run 110v AC items.

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