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In this video,it is explained that what is Hyderoponics?and how it work.
Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions
in a water solvent. Terrestrial plants may be grown with only their roots exposed to the
mineral solution, or the roots may be supported by an inert medium, such as perlite or Coco peat.

Hydroponics work so well

If you give a plant exactly what it needs, when it needs it, in the amount that it needs, the plant will be as healthy as is genetically possible.
With hydroponics this is an easy task; in soil it is far more difficult.
With hydroponics the plants are grown in an inert growing medium and a perfectly balanced, pH adjusted nutrient solution is delivered to the roots in a highly soluble form.
This allows the plant to uptake its food with very little effort as opposed to soil where the roots must search out the nutrients and extract them.
This is true even when using rich, organic soil and top of the line nutrients. The energy expended by the roots in this process is energy better spent on vegetative growth and fruit and flower production.
If you grow two genetically identical plants using soil for one and hydroponics for the other, you will almost immediately see the difference this factor makes. Faster, better growth and much greater yields are just some of the many reasons that hydroponics is being adapted around the world for commercial food production as well as a growing number of home, hobby gardeners.

Growing Medium
Growing medium is the material in which the roots of the plant are growing.
This covers a vast variety of substances which include Rockwool, perlite, vermiculite, coconut fiber, gravel, sand and many more.
The growing medium is an inert substance that doesn’t supply any nutrition to the plants.
All the nutrition comes from the nutrient solution (water and fertilizer combined).
You can therefore, easily control everything the plants receive.
The strength and pH of the nutrient solution is easy to adjust so that the plants receive just the right amount of food.





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