RAISED GARDEN BEDS for less than $100 || Do we need Victory Gardens?

I hope and pray this phase ends before my victory garden vegetables are ready for harvesting. Vegetables are tougher to get a hold of in these uncertain times, and the farmers are supplying as much as they can right now. God bless our farmers!! I’m trying my hand at backyard gardening which might be called a victory garden in these uncertain times. Raised garden bed gardening is a new hobby for me and I’m leaning on my friends to educate me. Check out Fields Full House and Pennies and Salt below for more backyard gardening.

Fields Full House: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCePnf1yQmzV3D9x_6PiylWQ
Pennies and Salt: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA6OI_pEhiX57YNlRYSk20Q

Victory gardens started in World War 1 and continued in World War 2 as a means of supplementing families with vegetables during times of ration. Are we rationing during this phase in history? Not now (or not yet?!) but we are struggling to find groceries. We are fighting a common enemy worldwide, and backyard gardening, victory gardening, and raised bed gardening may be a good way to spend your time at home for the foreseeable future.

We don’t have many gardening supplies in our household (I’m a minimalist and this a new hobby!) so I did need to purchase some items to get started.

Raised Bed: https://thd.co/3aszet6
Organic Soil: https://amzn.to/39sjNzR
Seeds: www.rareseeds.com

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Links for Victory Garden images:

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  • Do you have backyard gardens?

  • I am trying gardening for a 5th year. 1st year- small garden plot. 2nd & 3rd year raises beds. 4th year patio containers. This year will be containers again I think, but I’ve yet to have a decent harvest. Last year was the first time I had a good amount of lettuce. I’m excited for this gardening series!!

  • I started a small vegetable bed many moons ago while living in London. I wanted my children to have the experience of learning where food comes from and the challenge of getting things to grow. We had some failure and a lot of success. That’s part of the process. Your also teaching your children not to be afraid to try, (even though you don’t have much confidence in your ability at this project!) failure is part of life, caring for living things, and best of all doing it together. See success no matter what- you’ll be great.
    Love your laugh! 😀 Oh, I’ve a big veggie garden now…still have failures! 😂

  • Good luck with the garden fun for the kids. I'm a lazy gardener currently potatoes, strawberries, raspberries, limes, spring onion, & some kind of bean 😄 I water when i remember & rarely fertilise ( because i forget that more than the watering) what I'm trying to say is if I can neglect my garden & still manage to yield some food, I'm sure you'll do well. 👍🏾

  • I really enjoyed this video. Looking forward to several more.

  • You really have to have a good attention span for gardening. If you're all over the place, that makes you forgetful, and you'll be bad at it.

  • I am so impressed!! I have wanted to do this for years, and I think you’ve challenged me to just DO it!! I love your thinking process and that your baby is helping! #killingitasahomeschoolmom❤️❤️

  • I had to look up what an undergroundhog is, because English isn't my native language.
    It's really surprising what kinds of animals there are in America!
    When I stayed in Wisconsin for a couple of weeks, my host family thought it was funny how excited I was about seeing squirrels. But in Germany seeing a squirrel is a rare event (at least in my region).
    America and Europe are a lot more different than I thought they were.

  • If it doesnt work out, it isnt a failure. It's a learning success!

  • Way to Grow 👍 great Home School project. Let him make a video about it. Telling for the future ..
    since the covid-19 is a bad ass inflammation of the lungs Id though to fight it back eating anti-inflammatoric food.
    I just raised a garden bed for less than $3 per sq. Meter (yard) and we dont WEED the Veggie Garden, in less than 10 min. ⏱
    Btw everything in my garden I make from scrap in the hood. Though I know not all people make compost, before they start. So I had these grow bags of compost – delivered from Germany (sterilzed and approved Corona-free) for just $1 a bag. And I didnt Dig On any dirt that day 👍
    For real life situations, I use all kind of organic materials .. wood chips, seaweed, green manure, hegde and grass clippings, weed for mulching
    Dont scrap all your kitchen waste into the bin, some your can regrow 👍👍👍

  • I can't love this enough! 🙂

  • I do square foot gardening. I have 3 4x4feet raised beds. And a longer one for strawberries and berrie bushes. Sounds like you are planning on square foot gardening too? This is my third year and I'm still learning but it goes better every year. Just get started and get a feel for it, it's my favourite thing to do!

  • Paper milk cartons cut down and compressed paper egg cartons make great seed starter containers!

  • You got this!!!! 🌱 We just bought a garden for our backyard too and don't really know what we're doing so thanks for the links💕💕💕

  • If I have a garden again, I want it raised. Looking forward to seeing it built!

  • I don't and I miss it- my family grew most of our own produce growing up, and we canned tons of food, including crabapple jelly. I am starting to grow some romaine lettuce and cherry tomates out of pots so I can have them fresh. You can do this!!

  • I can't imagine a summer without a garden … You'll fall in love with them – the process, the sunshine/rain and the delicious harvests !! Enjoy Erica !

  • I know you bought tomato and pepper seeds, but there are quite a few things that can be grown from things bought from the grocery store. YouTube has a lot of videos on the subject. I particularly liked one from Daisy Creek Farms called 14 Store Bought Vegetables and Herbs you Can Regrow. Maybe you might have a few of them you can also try growing in your bed. Good Luck!

  • I can recommend the wonderful "Garden Answer" channel here on YouTube for all kinds of ideas for gardening! First and foremost – find out which garden zone you live in! And your sun/shade areas and times! Then plan out your raised beds on paper; add LOTS of good organic helpers like the Espoma brand from Amazon!

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one!! I've decided to do this as well, it's a great skill to learn plus it gets me and my restless toddler out of the house!! Best of luck from one plant killer to another!! 👍🏻😆

  • Here's a friendly knowledgeable youtuber who you might like, too

  • I have never known cucumbers to fail either, but grow what you can eat or trade

  • Lettuce is very forgiving as well as oregano

  • Just keep doggie away, looks like the grass is dying for a reason…can use bale of hay or 5 gal. bucket so you can go baby step style, too.

  • https://youtu.be/0LH6-w57Slw this gentle teacher will show you how to grow, Erica.

  • I just learnt in this past week that it is possible to grow veggies from kitchen scraps by starting them in water and it is amazing:
    – lettuce, cabbage, bok choy and celery can be grown from stumps
    – spring onions can be grown from 2 inch cuttings with roots
    – carrots can regrow from tops

  • We always have a garden, about 30' by 30' but we will be doing a better job at preserving it all this year. Lots of canning and drying. Feel free to check out our videos, something might be helpful! Oak Knob Farm https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLDPP0ROi97-R-pgz2L1Y6A We will be doing a victory garden collaboration this summer. We will be putting out a seedling video very soon.

  • Or Self Sufficient Me. He’s awesome too👍

  • Look up Charles Dowding for no dig gardening. He’s the best👌

  • You can do it👍. Raised beds are definitely the best. I have several different types of veggie beds and the raised beds work the best, esp. for carrots. You have nothing to lose, so good luck 🍀

  • I raise a BIG garden over at my son's. It is actually too big for me. My son and his wife don't need all the veggies I raise. I was full up on all dehydrated veggies – but that has since been pretty well taken care of this spring. I had one of my son's neighbors come over yearly about the time the zucchini was ready to "look over my garden: but that shouldn't happen this year. Also 2 nurses at my drs. office come over and help weed, etc. in return for veggies. And I still have too much. While I'm NOT a master gardener by any means, I do well enough at this point. Actually the 4 foot square bed can work quite well especially if you use the square foot grid method. The hardest part is at the beginning – getting it set up and getting things planted. Be sure to mulch it unless you enjjoy weeding! And when you DO weeding (you will have some), try using a kitchen knife instead of a hoe. Hoes take up a lot of room and it is too easy to chop the plant you want instead of the one you didn't. With the knife – put the end down next to the weed, and into the soil. Take the weed you unearthed and put it in the compost pile (I carry a big 5 gallon bucket for weeds). Also some folks – and I should, but usually forget – keep a calendar – of when they are supposed to plant, when they actually do plant and the approximate date you HOPE the veggie will be ready (keeps you monitoring the veggie). I usually forget – until I HAVE a monster zucchini or the carrot to end all carrots. Different veggies like different veggies (salad crops usually like onions, as do any member of the cole family, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant.) However Beans, peas and corn DETEST onions – but love hot peppers – which helps keep the bugs away. and FWIW – my gardens usuallly do great. However house plants – well, let it be said that I do dried flower arrangements well.

  • Just another reason to clear out the potting shed!

  • Plant what your family eats.

  • So fun for you! Your first raised bed is a gateway drug into over the years turning into a crazy gardening lady (been there, done that). A tip is to use gardening waste (old brances, grasscutting, soil from your garden, whatever) to put on top of your cardboard to raise the level of the soil in the bed. It will decompose over the year and be nice new compost next year and allready in place.
    Another tip is to plant something that is fast and easy to grow for instant success. Baby leaf sallad and radishes is great for the kids to pick and eat as much as they want.
    Some of your crops will fail, and you'll make a lot of mistakes when starting out (for example, when you get your tomatoes, don't plant all the seeds, only as many as you will need this year and some extra for plants to give away as gifts to friends). I will follow your journey with great interest. Yay!

  • Tomatoes and peppers are a little harder than some other seeds. Things like lettuce, Swiss chard, kale and spinach are easy. Carrots are great too as long as you cover the seeds as they germinate. Good luck!

  • I think you have a great plan in place and can't wait to see your garden!

  • You might research square foot gardening. There is a book on this concept also. I’ve known several people who have been successful with this method.

  • Think of gardening as an experiment. If it fails the experiment failed not you. Then next year you simply try it another way. None of it will be a waste of money. Even your seeds you will learn a lot and have fun watching them grow. Your kids will enjoy it too. If you think about it is a pretty cheap hobby. Don’t over think it just have fun. 😁👍

  • Check out Live Simple Live Free (formerly Tiny House Prepper) they're putting in raised beds also. Lovely couple with an interesting back story.

  • Hi Girl
    Check out Charles Dowding on YouTube. He has a no- dig approach

  • Go you! Erica, check out Mark on ‘Self Sufficient Me’. He is a laid back Aussie (just like me lol) He has great advice that won’t bamboozle you and he loves raised bed gardening. When I found his channel I binge watched for an entire weekend. We have a thriving vegetable and herb garden now. I think his style would match your personality and approach. ❤️🇦🇺❤️

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