Permaculture on a Canadian Farm – Part 1 of 2

A documentary on permaculture, with host Jennifer Lem and special guest Ian Graham. For more information on sustainable living, please visit and

Re: Ian’s last comment about soil, visit Jody Scheckter’s farm website at





  • Wow, this is great information. I need some expert advice. I live at the 45th lateral in Ontario Canada. I am looking at a property that has great southern exposure, and at the back of the 42 acres of land on the north side Lies a rock wall facing from a 300 ft hill with a 75 degree slope. I am curious if this have a great potential as a heat sink as heat would likely radiate from the rock off the souther exposed sun, and also cause the cold north winds on the back side would be blocked. Could this result in a micro climate, extending my growing season, when coupled with a ditch dug at the bottom of the base Β to keep the temperature at the root level at a constant 42 to 50 degress,where I plan to plant fruit trees. With this potential would it be possible for me to grow all kinds of fruit trees such as peaches, cherries, plums, and possibly limes/lemons. Normally in this geographic area we can only grow apple, pears, and certain cherry and plum trees, but certainly not peaches and Lemons, but with this possible heat sink could it not be feasable? Also since the land is sloped not to steeply (35 degrees approx). It seems like the potential for gravity fed water system through ponds is there? What do you guys think? Could I be put in touch with someone who could give me advice. I can take some polaroids of the property. I have only seen it on paper, and plan to visit it in the next week for a walk around. As for the hill on the back side of the property, its part of a national park, and cannot be used for development, but the fact that its on the north side, and has the potential mentioned previously don't you guys think this has almost unlimited potential? I am very new at this, so I am not sure what to do. Any suggestions guys? Thanks so much for a great video!Β 

  • Farmers used to practise permaculture. It was the banks who instigated the demise of this life style if the farmer needed a loan.

  • Service Berries/Saskatoon aren't Nitrogen fixing… sorry…Β 

  • Ah so your from Ontario, where about? I've moved to Sarnia now. Please say your close. :}

  • Why would you have the Illuminati insignia?

  • It's bull shit that you have to buy land, the rich own everything, even the government pretty much would force you to buy land in the wilderness just to go off grid! I live in Sarnia,Ontario,Canada where are you living? I wish I was close enough so I could work for you or get training from you.

  • Is "abowt" not how it's pronounced? From Americans – we've been accused of saying "aboot" but I've never heard that outside of Newfoundland maybe…

  • I'm from Vancouver and I say it like the people in Ontario…

  • Hey, i just started growing veggies in my backyard in raised beds and pots. Ilive in the city , dont have much space. It is amazing how much you can produce in such a small area. now that i see the results i am going to build a small green house to start my plants very early next year and grow a lot of food to can and dry for next year. I enjoy your videos. Please take a look at my channel and please subscribe. Thanks.!!!!

  • Just to clarify that permaculture is NOT a technology. It is a principal that uses biology, horticulture, an understanding of/and interaction within ecosystems and it's organisms. Good luck with your noble project.

  • yep ontario born and raised, but ive been out west too, gotta venture around and see whats best for the farm

  • "To talk abowt permaculture."
    My grandma was Canadian. She said 'abowt' too.

  • @jammatoonarmy That earthship is here in Hastings County. Heaps of labour to build one of those, but they perform pretty well and material costs are low.

    I'll have to get some videos of my site up one of these days. So many other things to do first…

  • @jammatoonarmy Well, it was intended to be a one season thing – just the winter of 2007-2008. For all I know, the greenhouse has been replaced with another. I designed a larger one – partially submerged – adjacent to this one, but from what I understand, he also hired a rather famed greenhouse designer and went with his design instead.

  • @TonyKaku i just re-watched the part of the video in the green house…you right about the render – or lack of it!! he could have real problems in their if he doesnt stop putting that job off!!

  • @TonyKaku local authorities, im not arsed about!…i havn't got round to any of bill mollison's books yet!! πŸ™ in terms of earthships, only michael reynolds. i saw a video of a couple in ontario, canada growing pineaples in the winter though (autumn/winter)! very cool! simlar latitude line as myself to, so very relevant/keen. you've done a good job their dude it looked very productive. just what you want! – good luck when building your own – inlakech

  • @jammatoonarmy I'd have to check my files, but I recall setting it steeper than that. Ian wanted it sloped, but my preferred method (and that recommended by both Bill Mollison and the State of Alaska) is to have vertical fenestration. I'm currently building a passive solar home with only vertical glass; and when it comes to putting a greenhouse on site, it will have vertical glass.

  • @TonyKaku did you (need, to) make the angle of the slopping roof equal to that of the winter sun?

  • @BrandonEric12 Sounds good bro. Looking to begin something here as well shortly. Becareful though, on how you choice or who you allow to come aboard. You don't need dead wood, or resource drainers. Be sure that you have a set contract and understanding, or you could have some real problems, financially as well as emotionally. Peace man.

  • really great video, I have just started a project that will use perma culture along with other nature friendly technologies. We will be establishing an off the grid nature freindly tribal community, I want to help other people such as myself that may or may not have the money required to buy a property by themselves to start there own self sustaining farm. where and how many are involved are yet to be determined, any suggestions? Peace and strength

  • @TonyKaku I would like to see the walls rendered, though.

  • Happy to see that greenhouse at 2:44 as I'm the guy who designed it πŸ™‚

  • Thank you for covering such an important topic. Im doing a similar project in Minnesota USA so the cold is definitely a factor.

    Again, great stuff!! Thanks!

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