My tomatoes has mushrooms growing underneath.. and other Organic Gardening questions answered

John from answers your organic gardening questions. In this episode John will answer the following questions:
1.Is there protein in vegetables that you are growing in your garden?
2. How many okra plants would you plant per square foot in a square foot garden?
3. Have you heard of the new nano sized azomite that is almost water soluble?
4. Why do you use a ball valve as a pressure regulator than a pressure regulator in your drip system irrigation?
5. My tomato plant has mushrooms growing underneath them. Should I dig them out?
6. How can I collect Jerusalem artichoke seeds aka sunchokes?





  • I am growing several types of Blueberry in large clay containers. They are all doing really well, the leaves have got their amazing colours at the moment. There are lots of blossoms and fruit appearing. They have put on good growth since last year.

    They are growing in ericaceous compost with worm castings, Rockdust, vermiculite and a little horticultural sand. I have mulched the top and have also put some After Plant Ericaceous food that contains Mycorrhizal Fungi so I am pretty sure they have everything they need and will continue to thrive and produce many fruits. That said the reason for my comment is that I have noticed in one of the containers there are some quite small, very unusual looking, shiny dark brown mushrooms growing on top of the soil. As they are producing fruit we will eat I wanted to identify the mushrooms but don’t know how to. I don’t think I am watering too much but maybe it could be the reason. I am not watering any more than last year nor have added any new compost. Also none have appeared in any of my other containers.

  • First you have changed my life for the better. Thank you!!! I just saw a vid about that micronized azomite used as a foliar feed. I would love to hear your thoughts before I go out looking for some. Thanks again!!!!

  • Thank you for answering the question. One suggestion for videos like this where you do answer or questions please make a timeline with an index of when each question starts unfortunately the question that I needed was the last one. And while the other information is interesting it's just not helpful to me and would have loved to been able to fast forward it to what I needed so I can watch one of your other videos quicker. Thank you

  • here's several ideas to try
    pick the top variety – there are lots available.
    grow them in the right conditions – some eg oyster muchrooms like cool humid conditions and may be placed outdoors
    (I discovered these and why they work on Gregs Mushroom Grower site )

  • Hi John, can  you grow edible mushrooms in your home in Las Vegas?

  • I wonder if the pot has anything to do with the mushrooms. I have one in one of those clay looking plastic pots and it is the only one that has the mushrooms out of like 40 plants.

  • Through this educational video, it will surely help all gardeners who encountered problems and have lots of questions that remain unanswered. However, this post is really a big help for us and I will never hesitate to share this ideas to all my buddies! 

  • There is also a video called Fat Head, if you're going to quote Super Size Me, you should mention it was debunked in the other video.

  • There are definitely unhealthy vegetarians – I know of at least one vegetarian who actually does not like vegetables (yech, greens) but loves candy. She's also taught her two kids that way of eating and it's very unhealthy.

  • Thank John I might over water my tomatoe I got tiny mushroom growing too.

  • Being vegetarian or vegan does not at all mean healthy. You can be a vegan and eat stricly Oreo's (do you have that in the states).

  • WTF? How about minding your own business if you have nothing intelligent to come back with?

  • beans and corm make protein also beans or corn with milk.

  • vegetarians dont understand how to eat without consuming meat proteins —signed g. bush jr’s speech writer.

  • Good for you must be knowledgeable about your nutrition!

  • I'm a vegetarian and I'm not sickly or has translucent skin. 90% of the world has to turn vegetarian in under 40 years anyways. I'm a 200 lb. 6 foot 2 and I look just fine, and I feel just fine.

  • Maybe its time for a 720 or 1080p camera… I dunno. Would be nice.

  • 'Cause they be dooin' it wrong.

    But no, seriously… If the only reason people become vegetarian is to avoid eating inhumanely slaughtered meat, then grow your own meat! Otherwise it's because vegans/vegetarians don't really understand how to eat without consuming meat protein.

    Me? Omnivore all the way, baby! xD

  • 1 square meter is used as 4X4 square foot garden bed although it is not the exact same size it generally works

  • I'm not a vegetarian and I'm skinny.. However, I base my meals around plants and not the meat as my parents did when I was a child. Nonetheless, even when I consumed larger portions of meat, I was still a thin person.. but, I feel much better, even now, I have more vitality then when I was in my 30's.. Its more like a person's chemistry, my granddaughter is heavy, I believe her body was meant to RUN, thus unlike me, she stores calories she eats.. Everyone is different!!
    Sheila ~:}

  • ball valves aren't the best for throttling, gate valves are better. stop valves, not so much for throttling either

  • You missed my point. If you can not eat freshly killed meat raw then you are not an omnivore.

    Originally people ate fruit and leafy greens. Meat did not enter the picture until people started migrating to colder climates where there wasn't plant foods as available in winter etc., to their detriment.

  • Yes I believe in what you say and natural for a human is to be an omnivore. My interest in this is partly because my friends daughter decided to become a vegetarian at a young age and never physically matured into a woman and is small and underdeveloped compared to rest of the family.

  • Vegetarian or Omnivore, in my opinion whatever one's diet, A person may not be doing it the best way possible. For me, eating a diet (if you want to eat meat or not) that eliminates processed foods and that focuses on WHOLE foods found in nature and eating high nutrient dense food and doing diet rotation (eat a wide variety each day) is what I strive to do. Unfortunately most people Vegetarian or not do not do this, and thus may not look/be as healthy as possible..

  • are you sure you're not confusing someone with bolemia (a.k.a. anorexia nervulsa?) who happens to be vegan?!?! they may just have an eating disorder and need help? think outside the box 🙂 because the box is crowded

  • I think your logic is flawed. Because we cannot eat rotten food does not mean we cannot eat cooked food. For centuries after humans stopped being hunter-gatherers and instead farmed archeology shows their skeletons were smaller and more sickly. Also because of the over-population farming allowed it provoked real war and social specialization leading to the majority of people being servants of the upper classes. I don't think there were total vegetarian hunter/gatherers ever.

  • Actually real omnivores have no problem eating dead carcasses that have been lying for hours in the sun with flies on them. I have never known people to be able to do that. Therefore people are not omnivores. If they did that they would die a very painfull death. If you can't eat beef, pork or chicken raw you are not an omnivore.

  • I agree that farm animals should be raised humanely, without hormones, GMO, antibiotics ,etc, but saying that meat is bad for you is ridiculous. Human beings are omnivores. If you look in nature lots of animals eat from dead carcasses that have been lying for hours in the sun with flies on them. When we did eat a lot of vegetables it was not farmed vegetables, it was like organic farming to the tenth power, and we got a lot of exercies as hunter-gatherers … remember hunter!

  • Not all animal protein is bad, but you must also know this source of your food how how it was raised. You must me a vegetarian or even worse a vegan! -from a Texas beef eater!

  • Hi John. I live in Pittsburg, not far from you. I planted broccoli raab two weeks ago and only two germinated. Is it too cold now? Is it too late to start some indoors and plant outside?

  • My thyme grow mushrooms, i was like whaaaaat pretty cool

  • Thanks for the info on strange questions! A lot of people unhappy with the protein question Why? Everyone just eat a varied diet, animal protein is not bad for you. Only if you eat it all the time and too much! We are eating Swiss chard, kale, Chinese cabbage, and zucchini right now down in Texas! Great videos! Check out our videos when you have a chance!

  • tomatoes hate me, they never do well for us at all but i have a lone thyme plant thats doing superb

  • live on an organic dairy farm, and they eat grass, bails, and dried seaweed for nutrients. 😀 But that's because we're organic. Don't know about other farms.

  • Yeah its easy enough to google but its a common question that should be answered because a lot of people actually believe that protean is only really from meat and getting mad at them and making fun of them for being ignorant does not make them less ignorant does it?

  • When vegetables are paired with whole grains,a complete protein is formed. Great videos!

  • BTW – the FDA says you have not inherient right to choose what you eat. Unbelievable, but sadly true. Don't worry, though – in the US the PEOPLE grant certains powers (rights, sort of) to the gov't – NOT the other way around. Your rights – use it or loose it. The only presidental candidate for food freedom? For restoring your right to choose what you put in your body? Yup, you guessed it -Ron Paul.

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