• Hello! Hope you can answer. Wich is the diameter of the horizontal tubes? Thank you very much in advance!

  • hello all i would want to know what is the spacing in pvc pipes??

  • May i know what is the distance between each holes?

  • Oh hai! Have you considered – zrumplina diy aquaponics (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive seen some amazing things about it and my sister grew cool fruits with it. 

  • The drawback to hydroponics is that you need to purchase "plant food" or nutrients and supplements that can be pricey.

  • Hello, I have a serious question. ROOT ROT. In your experience what do you recommend. I have done testing on 100 lettuce setups for each of 3 trials. Oxygen pumps, water temperature control 73 on a hot day, used sponge as a microbial breeding ground for good bacteria. I have found that specific to my setup 100 lettuce in 220 litres extra oxygen, sponge even temperature control did not make a difference. Rot appears after 9 days. I have grown 100 past this time without any oxygen  pumps, sponge. I have grown another 100 using extra oxygen, sponge and temp control. However rot did occur on 100 with extra oxygen, temperature control 73. I dont understand how 1 batch got it even when the growing conditions were the same and even better the one of the other 100. any ideas. Thank you!

  • Hydroponics grows faster than the same products in soil; the fertilizer is more readily available to the roots in water than soil; the fertilizer is much more easy to adjust and replace and replenish than it is in soil; and it is very difficult to provide sufficient nutrients in soil in such a small place for plants to grow.

    Finally, there is simply no need for a medium in this system. It grows quite well without soil or inert media of any kind. Just the water.

  • That's right…for a few decades the Plumbing industry, the Chemical industry and the FDA, have not gotten together to outlaw the use of SChd 40 and Schd 80 PVC in drinking water systems.

  • No, lettuce roots are fairly small and by the time they clog the the pipes it's time for them to be pulled out anyway because they're usually going to seed.

  • Yes, easily. I've had 5x that many on one barrel. I don't know what the most is; if it ever becomes a problem, just move to a 300 gallon pallet tank. They are available and affordable almost everywhere.

  • Do the roots cause the system to overflow due to water logging?

  • Can I grow 100 lettuce with a 1 barrel reservoir?
    What is the most I can grow without concentrating the barrel with too much fert.

    Thank you!

  • schedual 40 pvc is for potable water…

  • We don't use organic fertilizer on the hyrdoponics; I'd like to, but I haven't found a solution that works well, is easy to use, is affordable, and is available everywhere. I'm open to suggestions.

  • which organic fert do you use?

  • Containing and leaching significant amounts into water flowing past it are not the same thing. PVC is used for potable water systems across the world. Your water in your tap came through MILES of PVC on the way to your house.

  • PVC contains Bisphenol A… scientificamerican reports this.

  • Thank you for the movie.
    I also have some guidelines to grows up to 10 times the plants, by 50 % the time, with much healthier plants, while the "fish" execute all the work…”
    Take a look at here for more info:

  • misunderstanding there bro , i see that manure is more than what comes out of a cows bum .. love your set up …

  • Really…no manure in Aquaponics. So the fish do not defecate in their water? Odd.

    Perfect aquaponics creates a small, self-perpetuating biosystem. Grow duckweed to feed the fish, using sunlight, water, and fish waste. Fish eat the duckweed, produce more waste. The waste water feeds the target crop of plants. Eventually you must add more water, balance nitrite/nitrate levels, add fish (eat fish), and harvest/plant more vegetables. Still, seems plenty natural to me.

  • Why is this labeled both hydroponics and aguaponics?

  • Murali N thanks man ,welcome Jahovah bless you/r compilation man…cool

  • There is no manure used in Aquaponics.
    If Aquaponics is not done properly,it does not work.If the fish die,the plants die the same as a river that runs dry or a plant that gets no water.

  • Larger sizes will allow bigger plants; this is ideal for small-rooted plants, strawberries, lettuce, etc. Larger versions work better for things like tomatoes and so on. I have a video mostly finished on how to grow tomatoes in a similar system.

  • Do varying sizes of PBC affect growth for all or some plants?

  • It's possible to grow just about anything hydroponically; some grow better than others. Each has unique needs. This particular system doesn't work well for any of those things you mentioned, although it might work with kale. I'd recommend looking into the barrel garden or container gardens, which you can see in my other videos.

  • Could someone please tell me if i can grow kale greens, collared greens, cabbage, artichoke, and grape vines using hydroponic/aquaponic methods? Thank you.

  • Can't really afford the video right now, but thank you… will try to find an answer elsewhere

  • The video available on my website answers all these details and much more 🙂

  • Hi there, I had a couple more questions… what size is the PVC pipe, 2", 3"…? And what spacing are the plants… as in where do I place a hole (and also, what size is the hole-are net cups need or no?) every how many inches? Thank you again for your help and great video!

  • Yes, PVC is safe. There is an urban legend going around that it gives off toxins; well yes, it does… *when it is burned*. Otherwise, it is about as inert as any non-organic substance can be. PVC accounts for 55% of all municipal water supplies in the country. The water you drink is run through literally miles of PVC pipe before it gets to your house. Then you bathe in it, wash dishes, and drink it. If it did leach, this lettuce garden would be the least of your problems 🙂

  • I have a question about the pipe one would use? Is PVC safe? I was talking to a friend and he said it leaches out toxins… Would like to do this, but don't want to harm family or friends I share with

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