Going Off Grid: Living The Dream!

By moving to Idaho and living out of the city we are much closer to being off-grid. We now have a water well (no city water needed) and septic (no city sewer needed). We are burying two 1,000 gallon propane tanks to store 2,000 gallons of propane (no natural gas needed), building a Geo-air hoop house to grow vegetables year round (no grocery store veggies needed) and we are installing a 5kv off-grid solar panel system with battery backup (no city power needed). We had to give up the comfort and ease of living in the city and had to move from loved ones and friends but we feel we were directed by the Lord to do this. We have peace with this decision and hope to be of service to the people in this area.


– Going Off-Grid Step-byStep Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uc5-E0ABPcA&list=PL2cLVMJiux-mdS2jN_oIi_OFockQ1-Smi





  • Hi. Great videos and great greenhouse design. I am having a hard time finding the videos you mention on building til hoop house. Are they available?

  • YOUR VIDEO IS THE BEST VIDEO EVER🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆…When your video popped UP I said: Okay Lord GOD what is this? You have me on overload with information. Are u SURE you want me to watch this right NOW as I'm preparing?

    The Holy Spirit said: YES


  • How far is city from ur place and what do u do for living

  • I grew up in farm country in Ohio. Moved to Texas to escape the cold. Would never go back. You are going to have to endure those Idaho winters and the shorter growing season. I have a couple of acres in Round Rock, TX. On a well, septic system and propane. The septic system maintenance has been a nightmare. We also had to have the well head pump replaced and that cost about $2300. Be prepared for the long term costs for living off grid. I always admired your property there in Houston.

  • Congratulations on the move. It's much better out in the stix than in any city. I hope you enjoy it.

  • The house is too big not cost effective to heat or keep cool.

  • Too flat out in the open. Not enough trees or mountain.

  • Sue

    You must have a good amount of cash or credit or both. I could never afford to buy all that stuff you are buying to go "off the grid."

  • Hi LDS Prepper,
    i have followed you with the gardening and water totes for a while. Although it's been two years since i have watched your videos. i just looked at your channel yesterday and found that you have moved to Idaho! That is great! I watched the videos on the Geothermal Hoophouse and I am blown away! I have been trying to find the step by step videos of that project and haven't found them. Where can I find them? I am watching your Solar Panel (in Idaho) . I want to thank you for all that you have done over the years to help GOOD people to sustain life off the grid and save money in the process.

  • I never considered the idea of taking out a loan to afford a solar system, but your point is correct; the payments could be definitely lower than your utility bill would be otherwise, and after the loan is paid off, even with any replacement parts or components necessary, the over time cost will be next to nothing.

    I'm curious as to what type of batteries you have (guess I'll have to check the rest of your channel out for that info if you've put it up there…) as most have an expected lifespan of ~10 – 15 years in optimal conditions.

  • Does the solar panel loan also cover the batteries, inverters, charge controllers etc.?  Did you stay grid tied in order to sell back excess power over and above your usage and whatever it takes to keep the batteries charged?  How did you calculate the geothermal pit area so it is sufficient enough for the greenhouse area?   I am very happy for you, and thank you for the videos!  Jerry

  • I hate cold. I vote rural Texas over rural Idaho. But Idaho and east Washington are popular among preppers.

  • Hi David, Reality check your well is 185' deep and your pitless adapter is 3' below ground, it will not freeze. As for a hand pump they are only good for a max of 28' lift so that will not work.

  • can you send me a email about where to get solar like you at that cost .. my email is [email protected]

  • David, Your videos are in my estimation the ultimate on preparedness, I am always amazed by every video of yours I have ever watched, sometimes I go watch old ones like this, while at almost 70, I wish I were prepared, but I am not financially, or physically able to do more than begin storing food. I wish You and your family the best, you are an example others can learn by. Katherine

  • What made you decide on Idaho falls? I'm thinking on moving to Idaho from AZ

  • So happy for you both! Thank you for posting!

  • Oh sweet I live right by Idaho falls

  • Ok this is frigging awesome !

  • 2000 gallons of propane will not last 2 years in pretty sure??

  • Well done, really envy you. solar PV panel is good but still expensive and major disadvantage is we can't store all electricity we need, i was looking for cheap solar energy storage system available, and i found concentrated solar panel. what it does is that it uses vaccum tubes to collect concentrated sunlight, and it uses oil as heat medium to store heat energy in an insulated thermo tank. It uses a steam turbine to generate electricity. The concentrated solar system is more efficient and cheaper and it solves energy storage problem. good thing about this system is that you can use waste heat after steam turbine generation as cooling and heating source year around. The system has been used in industry factories for years, can't wait for it's domestic size system now.

  • Good job and thanks for sharing. perhaps a large start up cost to begin with but over time it pays for itself. I like the idea if a geothermal greenhouse. I will have to read more into that. food will definitely be the hardest part. definitely need a huge variety and a good planting cycle.

  • Looks like a nice place. l like your plans. Wish you were my neighbor.:)

  • Hey what is a battery life saver? if you dont mind me asking

  • Hell of a set up you got going there!!!! Only thing I'm not to sure about is how you think your batteries will last 30 years. If you get 10 years out of them, consider yourself lucky. But nice to see your guys are going all out. Best of luck in your endeavor.

  • Hi Mr. LDSPrepper. Mike from Dayton Ohio here. I've been following you for a while and very much enjoy your videos. I also have a well pump and due to a video of yours I purchased a Big Berkey but I am having problems with it not filtering quickly after many months of use. I clean it per the instructions but now 1/4 of the black filters just won't filter and water will sit forever. Have you experienced this and if so, how did you resolve it?

  • Man you got to get rid of propane. My home was just like yours, but i converted everything to Electric. Solar panels and enough batteries would be just fine. Also insulate your home better. Insulation pays! If you insulate your home well enough, heating and cooling will be almost free.

  • Blessings sent to you and your family for sharing with all of us the step by step progress.  It is both educational and an inspiration.Respectfully,  Wendy

  • Hello LDS Prepper! I've watched your videos on your Beehives and just started watching some of the Mittleider garden ones mostly from Texas. I have been doing square foot gardens in the past but this year I decided to covert my beds to irrigation beds and use the Mittleider method. (we have such hot dry summers here in Missouri, everything was drying up and with a pond nearby, we will pump the water to the garden) I will be getting my 1st 2 bee packages in April also!! So happy to see that you will have bees in Idaho! Thanks for interesting videos!

  • Thank you so much for this information! Greatly appreciated.

  • Hello, I am so happy for you and your family, I pray all goes well for you.
    Looks like a great start and it is a blessing to have Good neighbors.
    I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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