Fruit Tree Pruning Tips for a Permaculture Food Forest “Living Permaculture” Episode 5

Fruit Tree Pruning Tips for a Permaculture Food Forest click here:

Pruning fruit trees is one of my favorite chores on the farm. There is something about it that really brings me into a deeper connection with nature. It can seem a little scary at first, but once you get the hang of it there are few farm jobs that are as enjoyable. It is very important to stay on top of pruning, especially in the first years of a newly planted tree. The small amount of time it takes will pay off in a huge way in the future production and management of your trees. Pruning helps to stimulate growth, keep your tree healthy, maintain a small and manageable size and will greatly augment fruit production. This video will offer some basic concepts of tree pruning to get you started and then you can do some more research on specific techniques for the type of tree you are working with. Enjoy!!!

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Brendon McKeon…………………….Permaculture Designer
Stephen Orth……………………………Video Production

Soundtrack by Kevin Zacek

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0:01 Food Forest intro
0:27 Moon Cycle time for pruning fruit trees
1:23 Why do we prune fruit trees
2:29 Fruit tree size and shape
2:46 Fruit tree pruning… a way to commune with the plants
3:50 Fruit tree reaction to pruning
4:14 Animal system in food forest
6:11 General basic guidelines for pruning a fruit tree
6:43 Pruning the terminal tip of the fruit tree
7:35 round shape of fruit tree
8:31 Flock of parrots fly over
9:47 Master fruit tree pruning tips
11:39 How to prune the terminal tip of a fruit tree
13:00 How to prune the main branch
13:45 Be careful when pruning a fruit tree
14:41 How to prune the underside of a fruit tree
15:15 use cut fruit tree branches as mulch
16:20 How to prune the center of the fruit tree
17:22 Pruning fruit trees on a regular basis
18:45 How to prune lower fruit tree branch tips
19:51 Closing

How to prune a fruit tree click here:

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Fruit Tree Pruning tips click here:





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