DIY Solar Ice Maker – solar powered 'off grid' ice maker – easy to set up! – use HFT panels

now you can make ice with solar panels!. solar power system is easy to set up. then just plug it in!. (makes up to 5lbs every 4hrs). all items came from local stores. uses only 90 watts per hour. super efficient compressor. use either two 45 watt ‘3 panel sets’ from harbor freight tools or just buy a 90w (or more) solar panel. this system will also run a small chest freezer. for specifics on how to set up the solar system check out my video titled, “how to hook up solar panels (with battery bank)”. that gives very detailed instructions. remember to use a 1000 watt inverter so the ice maker will turn on. it needs about 800 watts for one-tenth of a second to turn on (after that it runs on 90 watts per hour). link to the ‘set up’ video:





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