DIY Portable, Modular, Solar Power Station!

I’ve had this project pretty much finished for quite some time, but havent done a video on it. I was recently telling someone about it and I figured others may be interested as well. I’m currently using a (N)EverStart Maxx 120ah Deep Cycle battery, a Duralast 1000w Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter, a cheap 3 stage 30 amp solar charge controller, and various plugs and connectors. Its pretty cheap, and if you take care of it, will last for quite a while. Its all packed neatly into a $25 tool box, and weighs about 75 pounds (Most of that being the battery, of course). A lot quieter and cheaper than a generator that hogs gas just to run a fridge for a bit during a power outage, or charge phones and run some night lighting out a camp ground. It can easily be charged by jumper cables connected to your car’s alternator as well. Thanks for watching!





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