Build A DIY Solar PV/Thermal Array Pt 6: Installing The Panels

In this video the PV/T panels are installed on the rack and covered with glass and aluminium trim. If this is your first time seeing this project, make sure to check out the end card after this video for a link to the playlist to watch the build from the beginning. The wiring schematic for both the PV and heating components can be found at the link below. The glass is safety tempered and was recycled from an old solarium. Each piece measures 30″ x 48″ x 3/16″, and are separated by 1/4″x1/4″ closed cell foam to make the joints water tight. A slightly wider piece was used to finish over the access panel and can be easily removed and reinstalled for regular maintenance purposes. The current airflow configuration is closed loop, meaning it circulates indoor air between the collector and the house, and is filtered as it exits the plenum. Part 7 is coming soon!

PV/T info:






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