Best Vertical Wall Garden You Can Assemble without Tools

John from visits Flower Street Urban Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona to show you the best vertical garden that allows you to grow on walls, a fence or any other vertical space indoors or outdoors.

In this episode, you will learn about the Urban Vertical Garden that can help beautify your home, school, or business and allow you to grow the maximum amount of food with very little space.

The Urban Vertical Garden will allow you to grow vegetables and other plants on virtually any vertical surface such as: block walls, stucco walls, wood fences, chained link fences, wrought iron fences balcony railing, and more!

You will discover why this vertical green wall garden was created as well as some of the design features that make it unique so that you can even grow indoors.

You will learn more about how easy this vertical wall garden is to assemble and how you can make it yourself if you are into DIY handiwork.

You will discover the importance of having a proper soil mixture and irrigation system to ensure your success when growing in any vertical growing container garden.

You will get the see one of the most amazing vertical vegetable gardens I have ever seen that is growing almost as much food as three 4 foot by 8 foot raised garden beds.

You will learn how this vertical garden bed is made in the USA and how can create your own income by helping other to grow food at their home or business.

Finally, John will interview Alex, the inventor and owner of Flower Street Urban Gardens to learn more about this hanging vertical wall garden.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
01:07 Tour of Yard – Raised Bed Garden
03:15 Vertical Garden Wall
03:49 Why this Vertical Wall Garden Was Invented
06:00 Free Standing Vertical Garden on Wheels
07:27 Growing Elephant Food that we can eat on a Wall
08:53 How to set up Wall Vertical without tools
11:01 Specifics on How to Assemble the Vertical Wall Garden
18:04 (still shot) Amazing Vegetable Garden on a Wall
19:59 Secret to Growing in a Vertical Wall Garden
22:45 The importance of irrigation system on a wall garden
25:30 Made in the USA and Make Money Selling Vertical Wall Gardens
28:47 Interview with Alex
29:31 Why and How did you come up with the Vertical Wall Garden?
30:16 Why did you put vertical gardens on your walls near the street?
31:02 How long have you been selling these vertical gardens to people?
31:32 What can you grow in the vertical wall garden?
32:34 Has anyone used the vertical wall gardens to grow Cannabis?
32:41 What are some of the places you have installed these wall gardens?
33:52 What are some of the different ways these can be mounted?
34:55 What can go wrong when you set up this vertical wall garden?
36:00 Is the wood finished? How can you finish the wood?
37:31 Can anyone assemble this vertical wall garden?
39:50 If there are questions regarding the vertical garden how can I get help?
40:52 Special Discount Pricing and Irrigation Kit Information
42:15 What is your website?
42:57 Any final comments for my viewers today?

After watching this episode, you will learn one of the best designs for a vertical wall garden that is available today. You will learn why this system works and how you only need to water this garden once a day even in the middle of the summer time that will enable you to grow food on a wall or fence at your home or business.

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