Bamboo in Permaculture with Brendon McKeon “Living Permaculture” Episode 1

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We love this diverse use Bamboo species…it is good for so many things in permaculture. Bamboo Multiplex is a thin reed clumping bamboo used for hedges, erosion control, mulch, contour lines, privacy borders, etc. It has a very deep rooting system which makes it a permaculture All Star when it comes to erosion control. It is also very easy to propagate by digging up small sections of the clump…so once you have it started you will have a lifetime supply for you and your friends. We love to shred this “high Silica” plant and use it for mulch…as it act as a binder holding nutrients in the soil. It is all around a great plant to have on your property and is also very easy to manicure for many different looks.

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Bamboo in Permaculture

0:20 uses of Multiplex Bamboo
0:52 Bamboo Hedge
1:04 great rooting system
1:32 high in silica

I’m Brendan McKeon we’re out here at my farm in Tambor Costa Rica and we are harvesting bamboo today. The species of bamboo that we’re working with is called multiplex and multiplexes is a thin reeded bamboo. It’s not the type you’d want to use for construction but has many great uses. Multiplexes are clumping bamboo and so when you plant it won’t spread all over the place. There is clumping bamboo and there’s running bamboo and you might be really careful when you’re planting bamboo with which one you’re using for what purpose you’re using for what purpose because running bamboo can take over very quickly. This multiplex particularly when when we use it for erosion control hedges we plant it about a half meter spacing and then it fills in real nicely and creates a really nice hedge. As you can see we planted it all along side the front of our property here where they have cut the road. That helps us to maintain that edge and prevent any type of erosion. This multiplex has really deep rooting system really similar to vetiver grass and therefore it keeps soil in place and also builds soil. There is a variety of different uses that we in permaculture and on the farm that we use this for. One is the erosion control another one we use in our agroforestry systems for hedge rows for slowing down water and for chop and drop. This bamboo and bamboo in general is really high in silica and silica is the mineral in the soil that’s responsible for holding all the nutrients and minerals together is the binding agent and unfortunately here in the tropics our soils are really void of this so we use bamboo and we use rice hulls which are really high in silica. This bamboo in particular is really great for this use because its again is a really thin reed and so it is easy to run through a shredder. We are going to be taking this out to Serenity Gardens Eco Village and planting this out for different hedges and erosion control. We have harvested about 300 plants today and basically this hedge you see on my farm is about 3 years old so it grows really fast and it fills in quick. It is also really great for springs and and water sources and for along side creek sides for erosion control.

Permaculture Designer…………… Brendon Mckeon
Video Production…………………….Stephen Orth
Sound Track…………………………..Kevin Zacek

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Bamboo in Permaculture





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