Air Conditioning On Off Grid Solar… Can It Be Done?

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  • Nice setup, really, try save a energy on boiler. I have boiler from Atlantic, running like air inverter, 150 litres, and with every day using of them for 50 minutes of showering is using only 30 kw in month.Try it ,is amazing and in hor days it will cool down house like airco.

  • Do NOT always use lithium! Lithium batteries are USELESS below freezing. Literally produce 0 charge at 0 degrees.
    They have plenty of sealed lead acid batteries that you can tip over if you want to.
    You CAN hit a lead acid battery, and draw large numbers of amps out of one for a short time. (You're only supposed to draw 1 amp from each battery at a time so you don't damage it.) If you hit a lithium battery that hard, you can cook it.
    Lithium batteries do over course have major advantages. Like weight. A mobile application where it doesn't freeze could use lithium. A tiny house on a farm like that? I would have used deep call marine batteris. Could have bought dozens of them for what that little lithium pack costs.
    ?? Ideally your system is correctly sized / proportioned, and you NEVER draw your batteries down to 50%! Preferrably never below 10%.
    You'd have a more equal draw on your battary banks if you put the long leads in the center.
    Also shouldn't that large of a lithium system have heat sinks and ventilation?
    I'm scratching my at the kilowatt/hrs. It would be nice if you told people the actual amp/hour capacity, instead of following the trend of quoting lithium banks like they were cell phone batteries.
    I was actually more interested in hearing about your charge controllers than your inverter. I want to do a ~3000 watt array on my RV, but looking at charge controllers, nothing seems to be rated even close to that, with that many amps of load capacity. It's infuriating.

  • After installation of solar grid, how long does it take to pay for itself? in savings

  • Use a water cooler you can even hook another alternator up to the fan belt on the water cooler to charge even more wow you're running your water cooler

  • I am jealous of your 300 sunny days makes solar pretty easy. In Canada we aren't so lucky but still my 57 panels produce 14,000 KWh a year so now I just need a battery big enough to make it through winter lol.


  • S G

    Will a battery from a Tesla model 3 work ?

  • Hi Friend. can you tell me that each battery capacity?


  • The best battery that last for ever is the water battery, it needs a water tank, a water tower, the higher the better, a small turbine generator , a pump and solar panel to operate the pump, during the day the solar panel activate the pump that pumps the water from the ground tank up to the water tower, when the electricity is low an electric valves opens to feed water from the water tower to the turbine to create electricity.

  • LOL – common mistake in designing systems for AC is the system is not large enough

  • Id install a sprinkler facing the panels. On hot days spray the panels to put your input watts to nuclear.

  • My father, that was aeronautic engineer in the Spaceshuttle aera, would say:
    "It doesnt matter what you want to do, you simply need enough power, when you have enough power, then everything is possible!"

    I mean, you want a pool, well put it into the calculation and remember what it would have cost over time not using renewable!

    In my country people say "electric cars will kill our powersystem, ending coal and nuclear is crazy!"
    Well, if you dont replace it, we get a problem, but replacing is the job of the industry, not the state, the state only makes the regulations and we vote those who make these!
    But you can replace it! Just start to do it!
    We have a goal, 2050 no emissions!
    Think about whats possible, whats needed and what it would cost, also calculate what it would cost to not do it!
    In my country today 42.1% of the energy is produced with renewable, we produce 800TWh per year, use 600TWh and we have still a long way to go.
    There are some countries that are 100% renewable already, the state of South Australia is on the way to that, with help by Tesla virtual Powerplants.
    OFF GRID is much easiere to manage, you know what you need, get a solar, wind or waterpowersystem with a well sized storage, thats it!
    It may cost at first, but it should work for 15+ years, during that time you need no grid or generator, thats also not cheap over that long time!

  • If you have a home/living area with a proper open air flow environment with proper sun shade, you don't need fans or a AC system at all for temperature control cooling, fans and standard type AC systems are only used to hide, numb, conceal your suffocation (with improper unhealthy static air temperature cooling, instead of/without/not based on proper open air flow heat dissipation/heat transfer and air quality) in standard type solar oven suffocation heat box closed off air sealed environment, houses/homes, etc. The only way to use a standard type AC system in/for a closed/sealed environment is to have proper gaseous matter, flow and clean-quality-purity (and temperature) metering gauging devices equipment with safety sensor alarming abilities with precautionary mechanisms built into/within the system.

  • Yes it can be done in a tiny house in AZ but it really doesn't make good financial sense IMO. If you're in Tennessee in an 800 sq ft house, for example, you're looking at well over $50k.

  • You did a great job explaining the setup. The only thing that I would do different would be to take advantage of heating your water directly with solar when possible or another alternative would be to have a propane powered hot water on demand setup. You could also send propane to a stove for cooking which would also save wear on the battery bank. You're going to get more life out of the battery bank taking power hungry devices out of the loop on your home. You're going to come out well ahead in the long run with those added mods but listening to you talk I'm sure you're well aware that. Nice job on the video. Thanks for the post.

  • Great and very informative video. However, I dont have thousands of dollars to get a battery from Tesla. But this information is very helpful for the futue when or if I ever am able to get that type of battery.

  • You can run a/c on an off-grid solar system. However, make sure all your components, including the building, are as efficient as possible. This means extra insulation, a high-efficiency inverter, a high-efficiency a/c unit, etc. Also, heat your water with solar, not electric.

  • Remembering college electronics. The biggest sucks are generally anything that converts electrical energy to mechanical, such as fans or motors because the efficiency is horrible. Next would be, as the author in this video points out, AC and then I would say Refrigeration and after that computer (depending of your setup, some gaming systems have 2 KW power supplies) and TV. If the insulation is good enough heating in the winter isn't as big a deal (I lived through two winters in Germany, good insulation is everything). You can bring your AC power needs down by eliminating windows altogether and install HD micro cameras on the outside and flatscreen LCD displays on the inside. Remember, "natural light" = "natural heat".

  • Very informative but I got to comment on something, without sounding negative. I know you don’t need inspections with your set up and from following you but, for future safety I’d take the time and care is isolating your water and electric especially because your solar. Solar is always on even with breakers, once a panel is getting sun it’s producing electric energy. My fear would be if you encountered a leak that water could contaminate the area where your electric is. Even a wall to separate the two in my opinion would be safer for you guys.
    Take it from an old fireman, an ounce of prevention is worth it. Something to consider. All the best to you guys.

  • A ductless like that is about 6 amps when the compressor is working. Not to much at all

  • Great installation and also best plan to integrate everything together. You don’t have any problem, with SW4048 inverter? Thanks

  • Lead-acid batteries that are used in a forklift are the best, they last a LOT longer if you have a lot of them so they run at 20% and if you use a de-sulfater. Li-Ion batteries die after about 700 cycles while lead-acid used with a de-sulfater will cycle thousands of times. If you want to make your own carbon batteries by the inventor Robert Murray Smith you can contact him through his YouTube channel and purchase his kits. His batteries are better than anything else out there.

  • Really digging the intro music!
    P.S. Your insta handle needs to be updated.

  • NOW, July 9, 2020, almost weekly, on RVs of various sizes, we install a few lithium batteries charged by solar, add some bits and bobs, then the STANDARD RV roof top Air Con units WORK – without "plugging in". Yes, there are a few tricks and added tech that wasn't available three years back, but it works fine…

  • think about redox flow vanadium batteries

  • I have heard this misconception so often even in Hawaii. "You can only run lights and you have to live in the dark!" I priced a solar system for my house years ago with the idea I would do all my refrigeration and AC's as well. Unfortunately it would have taken more than 20 years to recover the cost of the system back then and the batteries weren't the nice Lithium systems available today. Basically, on or off grid, electrical power isn't free. I enjoyed watching you setup your water and power systems to fit where you live. Mahalo for showing so much…

  • Id also recommend researching LiFePO4 batteries because they can get used at lower temperatures and are generally safer

  • okay you can run it on a tiny home, but it is not really that efficient for a 2000 sq ft home. those are the ppl saying it is not something they can do. because they would need 30 panels.

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