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  • Organic Gardening

    Starting with the Hobby of Organic Gardening

    Organic Gardening Hobby could extremely well pass up as a leisure activity for beginners. This could be real if you are the kind of individual that has the enthusiasm for horticulture. Horticulture needs particular abilities. You need to understand the kind of dirt, what type of plants you could put… Read More

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  • Solar House Improvements

    Solar House Improvements without Panels

    You’ve wearied of paying impressive electrical expenses as well as actually making a solid determination to go solar. Photovoltaic panel, nevertheless, typically aren’t specifically your preference. Do not stress, you could go solar without them. Photovoltaic panel are utilized to transform sunshine right into electrical power, which could be utilized… Read More

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  • Gardening Tips

    Gardening Tips for Many Bountiful Harvests

    Gardening Tips – Get ready and get your hands filthy, get a work out and be dedicated to the end game of great Gardening is key to success. Expand your plants right and also carefully with the best way of thinking. Make use of the concepts in this post for… Read More

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  • Better Gardener

    Easy Advice That Makes a Better Gardener!

    Invite to the whole wide world to organic gardening! The truth that organic gardening could be extremely individual could make it appear a little bit difficult to locate where to begin. Draw in worms to your yard. Having lots of earthworms in your yard stories will certainly maintain the dirt… Read More

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  • Organic Gardening Help

    Do You Need Help With Organic Gardening? Attempt These Ideas

    Organic gardening is the excellent method to expand a yard if you are worried concerning unsafe chemicals in your yard. Organic gardening is also a lot more vital if you are expanding a veggie yard. Do not be upset at the quantity of natural plant food you might have to… Read More

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Sun Gardener Articles

Gardening Articles

Growing Orchids in Water

Growing Orchids in Water

Over watering is one of greatest destroyers of orchids kept as houseplants. As almost everyone who keeps orchids knows, the roots must be allowed to dry out between waterings, otherwise they will rot and there is a good chance that the plant will die. It will definitely come as a… Read More

Let Bugs Do the Work!  How Good Bugs Can Help Your Garden to Thrive

Let Bugs Do the Work! How Good Bugs Can Help Your Garden to Thrive

You’ve worked the soil, sprouted the seeds or carefully chosen your plants, watered faithfully, and finally your plants are growing and you can almost taste that fresh tomato or crunchy cucumber. But something else is eating your veggies before you get the chance. After all your hard work, those nasty… Read More

Tips on Caring for Wind Chimes

Tips on Caring for Wind Chimes

Well, you’ve finally found the perfect set of wind chimes that you’ve been looking for. You have hung them in the perfect spot in your garden or on your patio and have been enjoying their beautiful sounds. But now you should have some tips on how to care for them.… Read More

Gardening Videos

Flower Gardening : How to Grow Canna Lilies

Canna lilies, native to Mexico, require full hot sun, well-drained soil and a greenhouse in the winter. Avoid letting the canna lily sit in moisture for too long with helpful tips from a sustainable gardener in this free video on growing flowers. Expert: Yolanda Vanveen Contact: Bio: Yolanda Vanveen… Read More

Hydroponic Net-Cup Inserts

Wanted to grow my FAWN shallow-water culture in a medium-less fashion. Now, I start seeds in 1″ oasis cubes; however, the cubes toppled over in the 3″ cups. They were also exposed to more air, sun, and open for mosquitos. I wanted a fix and when I was in Mississippi… Read More

How to Start an Organic Garden | Ask This Old House

Ask This Old House landscape designer Jenn Nawada gives some tips on starting an organic garden. SUBSCRIBE to This Old House: Skill Level: Beginner Shopping List: Organic seeds or seedlings Organic soil Ceramic or cedar planters Steps: 1. Every material used in an organic garden needs to be certified… Read More

Solar Articles

Can I Soundproof a Conservatory?

Can I Soundproof a Conservatory?

Soundproofing your home so that the neighbours don’t bother you – nor you them – isn’t difficult. Good insulation materials with shock-absorbing properties will deaden sound, and ensure that nobody suffers unwanted noise. However, one area of the home that can go overlooked in terms of ensuring privacy is your… Read More

Can Energy Efficient Shower Heads Make Hot Water Last?

Can Energy Efficient Shower Heads Make Hot Water Last?

Energy efficient, or “low flow” shower heads – use less water while you shower, so they make hot water last longer. This saves energy and money. Reduce the flow of water through your shower and you reduce the use of hot water. You could take a “Navy Shower:” Turn the… Read More

Few Facts About a Magnetic Energy Generator

Few Facts About a Magnetic Energy Generator

Magnetic energy is the fuel of the future. A magnetic energy generator provides us with free electric energy to run our household. Even though renewable source of energy like solar electric power and wind generated power have been in use for quite a period of time, they are no match… Read More

Solar Videos

DIY 24v LiFePO4 Solar Battery Bank! Beginner Friendly, 2.4 kWh, Cheap, Full Tutorial!

This video is outdated (use a BMS instead), follow this guide on instead: Raw cell and bms deals: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Does off-grid solar confuse you? Check out my website for solar system blueprints, suggested components and much more! Check out our community! DIY hobbyists and professionals all on… Read More

DIY Solar Power Automatic Gate

Retrofitted a 25 Watt solar panel and Phocos Solar Controller to my gate and completely took it off the grid! For more check out

Sun Gardener Contributors

Great Suggestions on Organic Gardening? Look No Further!

Great Suggestions on Organic Gardening? Look No Further!

Just how one looks after their natural yard could mention a great deal regarding them as an individual. A task that focuses on running in the dust as well as relying upon nature and also time is precisely just what makes organic gardening pleasant. That could seem frightening to a… Read More